New Global Landscape

Keeping Connected a Continent Away

Friday, September 1, 2017

Bryan Maser

Bryan Maser, ’06 MBA, graduated from the Carlson School before an international experience was a requirement for students. However, the school played a big part in his eventual move overseas. After earning his MBA, Maser worked his way up from several marketing director roles at Ecolab to finally being sent to Wallisellen, Switzerland as vice president of marketing.

Maser has continued his relationship with the Carlson School, as he recently managed a Global Business Practicum with the school and Ecolab. The practicum focused on both Germany and the Czech Republic. “This allowed the students and Ecolab to learn from both an established market like Germany and an emerging market like the Czech Republic,” he says.

What was really great about the practicum, Maser says, was that it included students and faculty from both the Carlson School as well as the partner school WU Vienna University of Economics and Business.

The focus of the project was on food safety and its importance to foodservice customers. After initial kickoff meetings in both Minneapolis and Vienna, the students focused on secondary research. “After this step, the students and supporting faculty from both universities spent time with us at our RD&E location in Germany, as well as visiting customers in both markets,” Maser says. Finally, a presentation was given to Ecolab by the students in Vienna at the close of the practicum.

Even though half a world away, the importance of a continued relationship with the Carlson School is clear. “Talent is our number-one challenge at Ecolab. We simply can’t find enough strong talent to meet our needs,” Maser says. “Staying connected with the Carlson School helps us to identify high-potential marketing, finance, supply chain, and HR leaders of the future.”