Sarah Pritzker

Importing Smarter Snacks from India

Thursday, September 1, 2016

By Bridget Aymar

Sarah Pritzker, ’16 MBA, always envisioned herself launching a food-centric start-up. As a former competitive cyclist, she strived to introduce products that provide better nutrition for athletes. When she started the Carlson MBA program, she received the Sands Fellowship—a $5,000 award that funds select students to pursue ventures with positive impacts on society—to develop the business idea.

But in the second year of her MBA, Pritzker changed course. During an education abroad excursion in India, she sampled a local food that inspired her to rethink snacking: the puffed lotus seed is a food with similar taste and texture to popcorn, but with twice the protein, and zero the fat. Inspired by the discovery, she founded Karmic Kitchens to introduce puffed lotus seeds to U.S. consumers through a socially and environmentally responsible supply chain.

“We’re starting to see a shift away from potato chips and candy toward healthier snack options,” says Pritzker. “Karmic Kitchens is founded on the idea that consumers want wholesome food, and they want to know the story of where their food comes from.”

She hopes to see Karmic Kitchens products on shelves at national retailers soon. The inaugural product, Lotus Pops, will be available in farmers markets and for order online by year’s end. Pritzker views this first launch as an opportunity to learn about consumers’ preferences, and refine the company’s offerings.