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Friday, May 12, 2017

Greetings from the Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement

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Having to be quiet all the time is not fun, as my nine-year daughter is quick to point out. After all, if you have something good to say, why not shout it? This is exactly the position the Carlson School has found itself in the last several years as we (quietly) prepare for the largest and most ambitious fundraising effort in the school’s nearly 100-year history. Thankfully, the muzzles are about to come off and our community of alumni, friends, and corporate partners will let their voices be heard. This school, at this time, has a story to tell and the world is our audience.

This fall, in partnership with the University of Minnesota, the Carlson School of Management will launch a fundraising campaign that will transform our ability to prepare future leaders. I won’t get into the details just yet (this is, after all, still the quiet phase) but it is important to point out that this is not the first and most certainly won’t be our last campaign. Four previous campaigns have fueled the school’s rise from a good regional business school to a national powerhouse with a growing global footprint. Through the power of philanthropy, Carlson School donors have made a college education attainable for thousands, enabled us to attract world-class faculty, and helped create a learning environment that fosters creativity and enables ideas to blossom.

Each campaign has built on the last and the Carlson School’s story has evolved accordingly. It is a story firmly rooted in one of America’s most celebrated epicenters for business and philanthropy. And, it is at this intersection that the school’s next chapter will be written. We embrace the uniquely Minnesota mindset that business, if enabled, can drive social good and create better places to live. We also understand that in order for business to have true social impact, strong leadership is needed in areas far removed from Fortune 500 board rooms. Healthcare, social services, government, and nonprofits all require talent reflective of our interconnected world. This is why Michael Fiterman, ’70 BSB, along with his wife Linda, ’70 BS, with their visionary gift to help create the next generation of nonprofit leaders, insisted the Carlson School be a key partner in delivering on their investment.

Herein lies the real reason campaigns are important. They give us the license to communicate, loudly and proudly, a vision for the Carlson School’s future. A vision that is shared between the school and all of you. The time for being quiet is coming to a close and we can’t wait for you to join us in making history.


Travis Smith

Assistant Dean for Institutional Advancement

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