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Edward McFowland III Receives $47,583 Adobe Grant

Monday, November 27, 2017

Edward McFowland III

Information and Decision Sciences Assistant Professor Edward McFowland III recently received a $47,583 grant from Adobe for a data science research proposal.

Annually, Adobe funds a university faculty research program up to $50,000 to promote the understanding and use of data science in the area of marketing. The goal is to encourage both theoretical and empirical development of solutions to problems in marketing.

McFowland’s proposal is “Spatial-Temporal Anomalous Pattern Detection (and A/B Testing).” His goal is to demonstrate that many real-world data analysis problems can be framed as tasks of anomalous pattern detection. He plans to develop statistical machine learning methods for anomalous pattern detection, which will allow organizations to use their massive quantities of diverse data for large-scale analytics and data-driven knowledge discovery.

McFowland is excited about the opportunity to develop his proposal. “We write a lot of theorems and algorithms, but we typically create our own theoretical problems to test,” he said. “With my partnership with Adobe, I’m allowed to develop tools that actually have immediate impact and work on problems that real organizations are facing.”