Bigs Tutoring

Carlson School Student Helping Young Learners During Pandemic

Monday, March 1, 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to force students and teachers into distance learning, reports about the challenges this virtual environment creates for everyone have not slowed down. One particular challenge is an inability for as much individualized attention, meaning some students are at risk of falling behind. 

Dante Reminick

This reality is one that Carlson School sophomore Dante Reminick is actively trying to make better. In May 2020, Reminick co-founded Bigs Tutoring, which matches K-12 students with college students for virtual one-on-one learning. 

“Bigs Tutoring reached 500 hours of tutoring recently,” says Reminick, who is studying management information systems. “We’ve helped more than 50 families from across the country feel confident in their school work this school year.”

Reminick is leveraging what he’s learning at the Carlson School to run a successful company. An accounting class and participating Atland Ventures, a student-run venture capital firm, have helped him better understand the finances associated with Bigs Tutoring And if he runs into a problem, he doesn’t have to go far for answers.

“There are people everywhere [at the Carlson School] who can help guide me and show me the ropes,” Reminick says. “The resources and opportunities offered [here] cover everything you’ll ever need. All you have to do is ask, and oftentimes you don’t even need to ask.” 

Bigs Tutoring is not Reminick’s first issue-focused business. At 13, after a trip to Uganda, he started a nonprofit called Give A Goat, which works to provide youth in the developing country with the opportunity to pay for their education and nutrition. 

“Anybody can start a business if they put their mind to it,” he says. “I enjoy the challenge of building something and being the doer that goes out and builds things that can help other people. That’s a big part of why I’m at the Carlson School. I believe in business as a force for good.”