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Carlson Global Index Measures Consumer Attitudes

Friday, October 8, 2021

A new tool through the Carlson Global Institute (CGI) goes deeper, wider, and faster than existing consumer sentiment and confidence measures: the Carlson Global Index. It was created in partnership with Morning Consult, a data intelligence company that delivers insights on what people think in real-time, founded by Michael Ramlet, ’09 BSB.

“It’s tremendous to be on the forefront of this kind of work,” says Stephen Parente, the Carlson School’s associate dean for global initiatives. “This index gives us a way to bring partners from all over the world into this research.”

Centered on three general themes— sustainability, mobility, and talent— the index features questions such as: How does sustainability enter into your purchase decisions? How likely are you to move in the next three years? What kinds of benefits does your employer offer? Questions are posed through internet polls, rather than telephone or mailed surveys, asking respondents around the world why they feel as they do on those topics and a variety of others.


“It’s tremendous to be on the forefront of this kind of work.”

Stephen Parente

The themes were created after discussions between CGI and members of its advisory council, which comprises leaders from business, government, and educational institutions around the world, including Carlson School alumni.

This spring, the survey was tested in six countries: Brazil, China, Germany, India, South Africa, and the United States. It will run again in the fall to allow comparison over time.

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