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Carlson School, U of M Learning Abroad Center Team Up for New 'Business in Dublin' Program

Friday, October 25, 2019

Business students looking to further their business and cultural learning can now look no further than the Emerald Isle. Debuting this academic year, “Business in Dublin” is bringing together students from around the world to take courses at the Quinn School of Business in Ireland’s capital city.

“We’re really excited about this program because it’s our first in Ireland, which we know is a desirable location for students, and because Dublin is an important place to study business, especially entrepreneurship,” says Kate Terry, program director for education abroad.

While studying in Dublin, undergraduates explore business through an international lens and take classes from local experts. The coursework is unique because it allows Carlson students to participate at any point in their degree, offering foundational and upper level courses.

Students also have an opportunity to complete an internship during their time in Ireland. That experience is designed to give them a glimpse into how a European work environment may be different than in the U.S., and to help them gain skills in working across cultures.

“I think any international experience is of benefit to students as they develop their career interests,” says Seona Mac Reamoin, the resident director for the University’s Dublin Study Centre. “And, a workplace experience in Ireland puts you on the inside track, broadening your understanding of the culture. Even a short internship experience here gives students cultural insights and perspectives and a deeper understanding of the EU [European Union] to complement their studies.”

To make Business in Dublin possible, the Carlson School teamed up with the Learning Abroad Center, the University’s campus-wide office that provides students with global education opportunities. The center offers a variety of program options—more than 250 programs in more than 70 countries—and helps organize international experiences for students across the nation, not just those on campus. Though the center is a national provider for U.S. students, the Business in Dublin coursework is built with Carlson School undergraduates in mind. Curriculum development included input from Carlson School academic departments.

With the out-of-the-gate success of Business in Dublin, the Carlson School and the Learning Abroad Center are teaming up on another, similar partnership to launch spring of 2020 in Barcelona, Spain.

“As these partnership programs continue to be well-received by students and overseas schools alike, expect to see more of them established in the future to further global business education,” Terry says.