Students gather at a Business Association of Multicultural Students event.

BAM Brings Students Together

Monday, May 1, 2023

By Justin Erickson '25 BSB


It’s a cold, stormy Friday night, but despite the weather the room is packed. Dozens of students happily chit-chat and cheer, enjoying catered boba drinks while they play Uno or Poker. The weather won’t stop the members of the Business Association of Multicultural Students (BAM) from getting together.

BAM is dedicated to developing a community of students with multicultural backgrounds while simultaneously introducing students to diverse perspectives on business.

“We definitely value inclusion and diversity a lot. We try to create a sense of community for students,” said Melanie Soe ’26 BSB, the Marketing Director of BAM.

BAM works with various companies and organizations to sponsor their events, such as KPMG and UnitedHealth Group. They also host member events focused on developing their community and creating friendships between students. 

“Students are very committed to our events. Every time we host an event, we always have a great turnout rate,” said Soe.

A core characteristic of BAM’s events is highlighting and uplifting diversity.

“Every time we host an event we cater food from different cultures and communities to spread cultural awareness,” said Zachary San Juan ‘24 BSB, the Vice President of Membership.

Another focus of BAM is professional development. BAM works with sponsors to provide training and practice in areas such as interviewing, networking, and LinkedIn profile updates. 

“BAM stands out because students can learn different professional development skills, such as leadership or the ability to market themselves and communicate with others,” said Charlie Eng ‘24 BSB, BAM’s President. “BAM is a really good opportunity to better yourself in a safe space where you don't have to worry about being judged or putting yourself into too much of a scary situation.”

BAM provides students the chance to develop themselves and connect with recruiters about internship opportunities. These opportunities are also essential for training students to be more confident as they pursue opportunities outside of school. 

“If you're looking for a student org that's super welcoming, you'll find a place within BAM. You’ll also get great food and great opportunities to learn and just become the best version of yourself,” said Eng.

Want to stay up to date with BAM? Check them out on Instagram @bam4biz.