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5 Reasons to Get a Master's in Supply Chain Management

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Last updated: January 26, 2024

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain management and logistics have skyrocketed in importance at companies big and small. With a shortage of talent and the industry’s digital transformation, now’s a great time to develop the skills and knowledge you need to accelerate a supply chain career. Dive into a few reasons why you should pursue a master's degree in supply chain management. 


1. Be in high demand  

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the importance of supply chain and logistics management. Along with the emergence of new technologies, it’s also accelerated the need to radically transform and digitize supply chain models for future resiliency and efficiency. In effect, there is great demand for skilled professionals to lead and implement these new structures.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, logistician jobs are projected to grow 18% through 2032—far exceeding the 5% average growth rate for all occupations. This means an average of 21,800 logisticians are needed annually for the next 10 years. And finding a job is quick. In the Association for Supply Chain Management’s (ASCM) 2023 Supply Chain Profession report, 76% of respondents said they found employment within three months of starting their search.

A supply chain master’s degree, such as the Carlson School’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, can put you in demand and prepare you to be an indispensable force in the industry.


2. Boost your salary

Given such high demand for supply chain professionals, you can gain a strong return on your graduate degree investment. According to ASCM, U.S. supply chain professionals reported a median salary of $98,570 in 2023. ASCM also found that education matters: those with a graduate degree earned a median salary of $113,300.

You might find an even greater financial benefit if you pursue a degree through a program like the Carlson School’s. Our supply chain management master’s program is designed for the working professional, which means you can keep earning an income while pursuing your master’s. Classes are typically held weekday evenings and you can graduate in just one year.

And if you’re an international student, our program is STEM-designated and we’ve had 100% placement rates for our international students since 2019.


3. Prepare to lead 

A graduate degree can open your path to higher-level positions such as director of supply chain management and vice president roles. In these master’s programs, you’ll dive into every aspect of supply chain management, from operation and sourcing to logistics and financing. You’ll also hone your leadership and management skills so you’re ready to succeed at the next level.

At the Carlson School, leadership development is the heart of our supply chain management master’s program. Leadership training is incorporated throughout your time here. You will:

  • Take a required leadership course.
  • Receive coaching from a leadership expert.
  • Create a personalized development plan to identify strengths and measure growth.
  • Develop all the tools and skills needed to lead effectively upon graduation.


4. Sharpen your skills for a globalized and digitized future

We all watched in real-time as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted global supply chains. Now to build resilience into these systems, the industry is accelerating its digital transformation. In a master’s program, you can glean the latest methods and ideas to address these challenges from faculty conducting cutting-edge research.

In the Carlson School’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program, you’ll study with thought leaders in the field. Ranked the number five best program among U.S. public universities by QS Business Master’s Rankings (2024), our curriculum:

  • Equips you with data analytics skills and the global perspective needed to manage supply chains of the future.
  • Integrates lessons from the pandemic so you can mitigate challenges in case of another global crisis.
  • Puts your acquired knowledge and skills to the test through a capstone project where you’ll work in a small team to solve a real-world global supply chain problem.


5. Strengthen your network

A strong network helps you stay up-to-date on industry trends and can lead to new opportunities and collaborations. It is also vital to advancing your career. In a graduate program, you’ll have a built-in community of peers, professors, and alumni to connect and grow with.

At the Carlson School, our supply chain management program’s one-year cohort model program offers a unique opportunity to develop strong bonds with your peers. You’ll also become a part of our 60,000+ alumni network in 102 countries. And you’ll also have access to individualized career coaching through the Carlson Business Career Center. We’ll help you map out your career path, navigate salary negotiations, and help you meet your career goals during the program and beyond.


Over the past few years, we’ve seen how critical supply chain management is to ensuring people have access to the goods and services they need. Supply chain professionals are the adaptable, strategic problem solvers that keep operations going no matter what is happening. Prepare to lead with a master’s degree in supply chain management. Learn more about how the Carlson School’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program can help you advance your career.

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