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5 Reasons to Get a Master of Accountancy Degree

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Last update: April 19, 2024


Often referred to as the language of business, accounting records, analyzes, and reports on events affecting business entities. A master’s degree in accounting can help launch or pivot your career into this critical field and become central to any business's decision-making process. Here are a few reasons to pursue this degree:


1. Enter a field with high job security

The nature and function of accountancy offer high levels of job security. Whether in times of economic growth or downturn, all organizations need financial oversight and support. This necessity makes accounting less prone to being affected by a recession. Accountants provide guidance and recommendations on key business decisions, such as how to keep up with new regulations and laws and ensure that the organization is in compliance. A complex and dynamic field, professionals who specialize in accounting are always highly sought-after and indispensable to any organization.

A graduate accountancy program, such as the Carlson School’s STEM-designated Master of Accountancy (MAcc), will provide you with the extensive training required to succeed in this industry.


2. Expand the possibilities of your professional future

Specializing in accounting can give you an edge as you develop your long-term professional career. An accountancy program will not only help you master the universal language of business, but also develop critical thinking and analysis skills to form well-reasoned judgments and opinions and guide a company’s decision-making. With these transferable skills, you can work in essentially any industry you want.

The Carlson School’s Master of Accountancy program sharpens your command of core accounting concepts and helps you gain an expansive understanding of business. You’ll bring a well-rounded perspective to any organization you join, and also prepare for a wide variety of future roles. So while you may start in finance and accounting, a few years down the road, you might end up consulting around the world or being the head of a start-up.


3. Qualify for the CPA exam

Completing a master’s degree in accounting degree will help you meet the 150 semester hours of education required to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. A CPA designation is highly valued in the business community as it represents a mastery of accounting knowledge and processes. This prestigious credential may give you an advantage when applying for new positions, increase your earning potential, and open doors to more career options. 


4. Develop the in-depth knowledge you need to excel and thrive

If you studied accounting in undergrad, you probably learned a lot of the hows of accounting. After completing a graduate program, you’ll understand the whys of accounting and develop a deeper understanding of the field. If you come from a non-accounting background, a graduate program will help you develop the skills and hone the knowledge you need to pivot into the field. 

Regardless of your background and experience, the Carlson School’s graduate accountancy program lets you map a degree path that meets your needs and interests. Didn’t study accounting as an undergraduate? We offer a track that will catch you up on core accounting issues.

If you studied accounting in undergrad, complete the Carlson School MAcc program in a year. Need to work? Complete the program part time. The flexibility doesn’t end there. Unlike accounting programs that require you to sign up for a track and take classes accordingly, you’ll be able to create your own adventure based on your interests. Take electives from our tax program, specialize in auditing, or explore any number of business disciplines from marketing to data analytics.


5. Grow your professional network

Developing a professional network is critical to launching and advancing your career. From learning more about a sector you’re interested in to keeping up with industry trends, your network can be a resource for support and information as you navigate each stage of your career. In a master’s program, you’ll have many opportunities to cultivate meaningful relationships with a built-in community of faculty mentors, peers, staff, and alumni. 

At the Carlson School, we provide individualized support so you can develop a sound career strategy and reach your goals. Beyond career fairs and professional networking events, our Business Career Center provides one-on-one career coaching for life. Whether you need to prepare for an interview or learn strategies for negotiating job offers, we’ve got you covered.


Accounting regulations are constantly changing due to societal and geo-political changes. Accountants help companies stay informed of these changes and adapt accordingly. In this exciting and ever-evolving field, there are always new things to learn. If you’re a lifelong learner and avid problem-solver who is consistent and can weather constant development, a master's in accountancy can help you excel in the industry and beyond. Learn more about how Carlson School’s STEM-designated Master of Accountancy program can take your career to the next level whether you’re new to the field or seeking to advance.

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