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Military Skills To Give You An Edge In Graduate School

Thursday, January 28, 2021

The transition from a military career to one in business can seem daunting and complex. However, the skills you developed while serving are highly sought after by businesses, both big and small, across all industries.

As you start to look toward transitioning into civilian life, here are five skills you developed in the military that will give you an edge in both graduate school and the business world.


First and foremost, since you served in the military, you understand the value of leadership. No matter your rank, you know the difference a great leader can make.

All businesses and organizations need great leaders to inspire and motivate their employees, communicate strategic decisions, and guide a team through good times and bad. 



Being a service member is difficult. It takes persistence, determination, and the ability to overcome difficult challenges. 

Though it’s a very different challenge, graduate school also takes discipline to succeed. You’ll need those work habits and training to reach your goals. Balancing your personal life and your coursework will not be easy. Your military training will aid you. 



The whole is always better than the sum of its parts in the armed forces, and in business. Your perspective on leading and following, as well as your service-oriented outlook, fit any organization.

Collaboration and teamwork are necessary skills in graduate school too. Working well in a group, listening to others, and being flexible allows for your team to finish important projects and meet crucial deadlines. 



When things get chaotic, organizational skills show you’re dependable and focused.

That strength carries over both in graduate school and in business. While taking classes, it’s vital to stay organized while balancing your busy life. In business, managers look for employees who can prioritize their tasks and meet deadlines.



Not everything always goes according to plan and there’s no doubt you experienced that while serving. Those moments call for quick thinking and somebody who can find a solution right away.

That thinking and ability to adapt is incredibly valuable. Every team needs a member who can identify problems and work to find a solution.


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