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How Do I Apply to the Carlson School?

Monday, October 18, 2021

Are you ready to apply to one of the Carlson School of Management’s graduate degree programs? Follow these steps and be sure to check out the tips below to make the application process easier.

Example of what the Carlson School graduate application looks like

Application Process:

  • Begin the process by visiting If you’re a first-time user, you will need to create an account.
  • Create an application from the pop-up box.
  • In the first dropdown box, select University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
  • In the filter for college/school, select the Carlson School of Management.
  • Under Carlson School of Management Programs, select the degree program you are applying for (example: Full-Time MBA, Business Analytics - MS, Online MBA, etc).

Completing the Rest of the Application

The following steps will allow you to enter your biographical information, upload any materials needed for your application, and complete the video essay if needed. Some of these steps may vary based on the program you are applying to.

Here is what the MBA and Master's application process looks like:

  • First, fill out the term you would prefer to enroll in.
  • Next, upload your personal statement, essay, and answer the remaining questions in that section. Learn how to prepare for the personal statement and essay portion of the application.
  • In the next section, enter your previous academic history and upload a transcript from that institution. 
  • Following that, enter your employment information and upload your current resume. Review tips on writing your resume for graduate students.
  • Next, upload your admissions test score information.
  • Once that is complete, continue to the video essay portion of your application. Follow the instructions on the page and in the module. Learn more about the video essay portion of the application and some tips on completing that.
  • Finally, upload your letters of recommendation.

You may complete these sections in any order you wish, but please note that all sections that are required for your program of choice must be completed prior to submission.

Tips to Complete Your Application

How do you put your best foot forward as you apply to MBA and Master's programs? Follow these tips to navigate the admissions process and earn a spot at your top-choice business school.

Hit the early deadline, if possible
If your chosen program offers multiple round deadlines for admission, do your best to apply by the first or second round deadlines. As schools accept more applicants, merit-based scholarship funds dwindle. The longer you wait to apply, the lesser chance you have of earning a scholarship.

Choose your recommenders wisely
It’s common for business schools to require applicants to include letters of recommendation or professional references. Think about your network, and choose people who are familiar with your work ethic, your skillset, and your accomplishments. These can be current or past colleagues, and they need not be supervisors or higher-level managers: Your references’ job titles are less important than the capacity in which they’ve worked with you. 

Polish your resume
Your professional experience is extremely important to business school admissions. You should update and fine-tune your résumé to best reflect your work history. Your resume should highlight a few key themes:

  • how your work has impacted your team or organization in a quantifiable way
  • how you have taken on a leadership role in a professional environment
  • how your professional experience will be an asset to your peers in the program

Celebrate your non-traditional background
Building a diverse community of students is a priority for many graduate programs. Applicants who studied non-business disciplines as undergraduate students, or who come from diverse backgrounds enrich the classroom in countless ways. If you’re a non-traditional student, highlight how you’ve used your skills to make an impact in your work. The Carlson School admissions staff are interested in fostering diversity–in students’ mindsets, backgrounds, and experiences.

Reach out for help
If you find yourself stuck on any component of your application, reach out to the school’s admissions staff. The admissions office is happy to help applicants navigate the process. 

Admissions Contact:

If you have questions about the application process or a program, please reach out to the following:

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Full-Time, Part-Time, Online, and Executive

MS in Business Analytics

Master of Business Taxation

MS in Finance

Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations

Master of Marketing

MS in Supply Chain Management

Name of Each Program in the Application System:

Program:Name in Application:
Masters of AccountancyAccountancy - MAcc
Asset Management CertificateAsset Management Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Executive MBABusiness Administration- Executive MBA
Full-Time MBABusiness Administration- Full-Time MBA
Online MBABusiness Administration- Online MBA
Part-Time MBABusiness Administration- Part-Time MBA
PhDBusiness Administration PhD
Masters in Business AnalyticsBusiness Analytics- MS
Business Analytics CertificateBusiness Analytics Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Masters of Business TaxationBusiness Taxation MBT
CGI Executive MBA-ChinaCarlson Global Executive MBA- China
CGI Executive MBA- ViennaCarlson Global Executive MBA- Vienna
Closely-Held Business Taxation CertificateClosely-Held Business Taxation Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Corporate Financial Management CertificateCorporate Financial Management Postbaccalaureate Certificate
MBA & MS in Business AnalyticsDual Degree- Masters in Business Administration & Masters of Science in Business Analytics
MS in Finance & MS in Business AnalyticsDual Degree- Masters of Science in Finance & Masters of Science in Business Analytics
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Post-bacEntrepreneurship & Innovation Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Masters in FinanceFinance MS
MBA in the Global Medical IndustryGlobal Medical Industry M.B.A.
High Net Worth Individual Taxation CertificateHigh Net Worth Individual Taxation Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Masters in HRIRHuman Resources and Industrial Relations M.HRIR
Part-Time Masters in HRIRHuman Resources and Industrial Relations M.HRIR- Part-Time
International Taxation CertificateInternational Taxation Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Leadership for Managers CertificateLeadership for Managers Postbaccalaureate Certificate
MBA in Management ScienceManagement Science M.B.A.
Masters of MarketingMarketing M. Mktg
Medical Industry MBAMedical Industry M.B.A.
Medical Industry CertificateMedical Industry Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Strategic Management Post-bacStrategic Management Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Strategic Marketing CertificateStrategic Marketing Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Supply Chain Management for the Medical & Health Sector CertificateSupply Chain Management for the Medical & Health Sector Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Masters in Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Management MS
Tax Executive CertificateTax Executive Postbaccalaureate Certificate
Taxation CertificateTaxation Postbaccalaureate Certificate