Is a business education right for me?

Is a Business Education Right for Me?

Friday, February 11, 2022

Business degrees are among the most popular degree choices across the country and at the University of Minnesota. But how do you know if that major or degree program is right for you? Here are four reasons why you should choose a business education.

Apply Your Education to Your Passions

The skills you learn from a business education can be used in a variety of different industries and across a variety of different careers. After graduation, you don’t have to go the traditional route working for a Fortune 500 company. A business education can be applied to just about whatever you set your mind to.

For instance, Carlson School graduates are producing hit Broadways shows, managing operations for hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, and working for an NBA team. The possibilities with a business education are endless.

You Want to Make a Difference

Channel your interest in changing the world into a business career to realize meaningful change on a large scale. For instance, at the Carlson School of Management, there are four different Enterprise programs, where Full-Time MBA and select undergraduate students address the real-world challenges of client businesses that expect real-world results. These programs range from the Consulting Enterprise where you’re advising partners on the best business practices to the Ventures Enterprise where you can help launch the next great idea.

This continues after graduation. Business has the ability to shape the future of our entire world. The next great idea that impacts the world for good could come from you.

You’re Inspired to Lead

Leaders are invaluable for organizations. They formulate and communicate new strategic directions and help guide their businesses to make a difference.

If others seek your opinion, you have the ability to inspire others, or you see yourself more as a leader than a follower, business may be a good fit. All organizations are looking for those skills.

At the Carlson School, leadership development is incorporated into all of our MBA programs. Throughout the program, you can take courses that combine both theoretical concepts and practical techniques, which will prepare you to lead yourself, lead others, and lead organizations.

As businesses grapple with the changing landscape of COVID-19, leaders like you are needed across every industry.

You’re Curious

Being a curious person is important for excelling in any job and doing it better. People who are curious learn from others and look for ways to do their job better. Curiosity improves engagement, can improve an organization’s performance, and help adapt to uncertain market conditions and external pressures.

If you find yourself asking “why” or bringing a new perspective to discussions, a business education may be the right fit for you.