Youjeong Song

Youjeong Song

PhD Candidate
Department of Work and Organizations


  • M.S. 2019
    Management, Yonsei University
  • B.B.A 2016
    Business Administration, Yonsei University


  • Workplace Diversity: Gender, Language
  • Migration and Migrant Workers
  • Team Dynamics and Team Cognition


Youjeong Song is a Ph.D. candidate in the Work and Organizations Department at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Youjeong's primary research interests include workplace diversity, including gender and language. For example, Youjeong is interested in how the lookism climate and gender differentiate the effects of physical attractiveness on employees, such as career success. Youjeong is also interested in how gender impacts recruiting. In addition, Youjeong's research on language explores its effects on global teams and migrant workers. She is dedicated to understanding how multilingual work environments impact individuals' work adjustment, team dynamics, and team performance. 


Youjeong's dissertation focuses on the role of language at work. Through three essays, she explores the experience of employees who work in multilingual workplaces or in a non-native language. The first and second essays focus on multinational, multilingual teams to understand the role of language on team communication participation and performance and on employees' communication helping behavior (i.e., language brokerage). The third essay focuses on low-skilled migrant workers, the population likely to have low language proficiency in the host country's language. As a member of Migration, Business, & Society (, she aims to understand how language-induced challenges impact their workplace experiences and crucial work outcomes, such as information poverty and work adjustment (i.e., task mastery, workplace social integration, and well-being). 

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