Tony Haitao Cui
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Tony Haitao Cui

Deputy Associate Dean for Global DBA, Margaret J. Holden and Dorothy A. Werlich Endowed Professorship in Marketing, Professor of Marketing


  • PhD 2005
    Managerial Science and Applied Economics Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

  • MA 2002
    Operations and Information Management Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

  • IMBA 2000
    International Business Tsinghua University

  • B. Eng. 1998
    Industrial Engineering Tsinghua University

  • B. Eng. 1998
    Fluid Machinery and Fluid Eng. Tsinghua University


  • Distribution channels
  • Pricing
  • Behavioral Modeling in Marketing
  • Marketing-Operations Interfaces
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Business to Business Markets
  • Sustainability

Tony Haitao Cui, Deputy Associate Dean for Global DBA Program, Holden-Werlich School-Wide Professorship in Marketing, PhD Program Coordinator, Professor of Marketing at the Carlson School, joined the faculty of the Carlson School of Management in 2005 after earning his Ph.D. in Managerial Science and Applied Economics at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. Cui also holds secondary appointment of professor at the Department of Industrial & System Engineering, College of Science & Engineering, UMN.  Cui teaches Ph.D., DBA, EMBA, MBA, and EDP courses at Carlson. His research areas include behavioral modeling in marketing, branding, competitive strategies, distribution channels, marketing-operations interfaces, and pricing. He serves as Senior Editor at Production and Operations Management, Guest Associate Editor at Management Science, and on the editorial boards of both Marketing Science and Journal of Operations Management. He is serving as the Vice President of the POMS College of Behavioral Operations since 2017. He is an ad hoc reviewer for the journals Decision Sciences, European Journal of Operations ResearchInformation Systems ResearchJournal of Marketing ResearchJournal of Operations Management, Journal of Retailing, Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations ManagementMarketing Science, Operations ResearchProduction & Operations ManagementReview of Marketing Research, etc. Cui was selected as one of the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) 2011 Young Scholars, and received the Management Science Meritorious Service Award from 2009 until 2018 (Distinguished Service Award in 2014 and 2017) and the 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award in years of 2007-2010. In 2018, he was selected as one of the Inaugural Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Scholars.  He was voted by Carlson CHEMBA EMBA students as the "Popular Professor of the Year" in both 2017 and 2018, and was awarded the "Carlson Outstanding Research Award" in 2017. 

Selected Works

1. “Product Variety Strategy after Rival Exit: The Effects of Preexisting Market Structure and new Market Entry,” with Ye Hu and Charlotte R. Ren (2018), forthcoming, Strategic Management Journal. Equal authorship.
2. “Promotions as Competitive Reactions to a Recall Crisis and Their Consequences,” with Rafael Becerril Arrola, Yan Dong, and Chen Zhou (2018), forthcoming, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
3. “Cognitive Hierarchy in Capacity Allocation Games,” with Yinghao Zhang (2018), Management Science, 64(3) 1250-1270. Equal authorship.
4. “Fairness Ideals in Distribution Channels,” with Paola Mallucci (2016), Journal of Marketing Research, 53(6) 969-987. Equal authorship.
5. “Contract Preferences and Performance for the Loss Averse Supplier: Buyback versus Revenue Sharing,” with Karen Donohue and Yinghao Zhang (2016), Management Science, 62 (6), 1734-1754.
6. "Service Failure Recovery and Prevention: Managing Stockouts in Distribution Channels," with Yan Dong, Kefeng Xu, and Yuliang Yao (2015), Marketing Science, 34 (5), 689-701. Equal authorship.
7. "The Benefit of Uniform Price for Branded Variants," with Yuxin Chen (2013), Marketing Science, 32(1) 36-50. Equal authorship.
8. "Behavioral Models of Managerial Decision-Making," with Goldfarb, Avi, Teck-Hua Ho, Wilfred Amaldoss, Alexander Brown, Yan Chen, Alberto Galasso, Tanjim Hossain, Ming Hsu, Noah Lim, Mo Xiao, and Botao Yang (2012), Marketing Letters, 23(2) 405-421.
9. “When Acquisition Spoils Retention: Direct Selling vs. Delegation under CRM,” with Yan Dong and Yuliang Yao (2011), Management Science, 57(7) 1288-1299. Equal authorship.
10. “Behavioral Research and Empirical Modeling of Marketing Channels: Implications for Both Fields and a Call for Future Research,” with Robert J. Meyer, Joachim Vosgerau, Vishal Singh, Joel E. Urbany, Michael I. Norton, Brian T. Ratchford, Alessandro Acquisti, David R. Bell, and Barbara E. Kahn (2010), Marketing Letters, 21(3) 301-315.
11. “Reference-Dependence in Multi-Location Newsvendor Models: A Structural Analysis,” with Teck-Hua Ho and Noah Lim (2010), Management Science, 56(11) 1891-1910. Equal authorship.
12. “The Length of Product Line in Distribution Channels,” with Yunchuan Liu (2010), Marketing Science, 29(3) 474-482. Equal authorship.
13. “A Price Discrimination Model of Trade Promotions,” with Jagmohan S. Raju and Z. John Zhang (2008), Marketing Science, 27(5) 779-795.
14. “Fairness and Channel Coordination,” with Jagmohan S. Raju and Z. John Zhang (2007), Management Science, 53(8) 1303-1314.
15. “The Rise of Power Retailers in China and Manufacturers' Counter Strategies,” with Z. John Zhang (2006), PKU Business Review (in Chinese), Vol. 24, No. 4, p. 96-99.
My CV in Chinese is available here.

Current Activities

Editorial Appointments

  • Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management

  • Guest Associate Editor, Management Science

  • Editorial Board, Marketing Science 

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Operations Management

Honors and Awards

  • Voted by Carlson CHEMBA EMBA students as the "Popular Professor of the Year" in both 2017 and 2018

  • Carlson Outstanding Research Award in 2017

  • 2018 Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Scholars

  • 2011 Marketing Science Institute (MSI) Young Scholars

  • Management Science Meritorious Service Award from 2009 until 2018 (Distinguished Service Award in 2014 and 2017)

  • 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award in years of 2007-2010