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Thomas Murtha

Associate Professor Emeritus
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship



  • BA 1973
    Written Communication University of Minnesota
  • MA 1983
    Public Affairs University of Minnesota
  • PhD 1989
    Business Administration New York University


  • Technology management
  • Global strategy
  • Organizational cognition and internationalization processes
  • International firm/state relations
  • National competitiveness

Selected Works & Activities

  • Whole Books
    Managing New Industry Creation: Global Knowledge Formation and Entrepreneurship in High Technology. T. Murtha, S. Lenway, and J. Hart. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001.
  • Journal Articles
    "How Governments Matter to New Industry Creation," T. Murtha, J. Spencer, and S. Lenway, Academy of Management Review (Apri1 2005).
  • Journal Articles
    "The Metanational Firm in Context: Competition in Knowledge-Driven Industries," T. Murtha, Advances in International Management (2004).
  • Journal Articles
    "Global Mindsets and Cognitive Shift in a Complex Multinational Corporation," T. Murtha, Strategic Management Journal (1998).
  • Journal Articles
    "Moving Targets: National Industrial Strategies and Embedded Innovation in the Global Flat Panel Display Industry," T. Murtha, J. Spencer, and S. Lenway, Advances in Strategic Management (1996).
  • Journal Articles
    "The Idea of the State in the International Management Literature," T. Murtha and S. Lenway, Journal of International Business Studies (1994).
  • Journal Articles
    "Country Capabilities and the Strategic State: How National Political Institutions Affect Multinational Corporations' Strategies," T. Murtha and S. Lenway, Strategic Management Journal (1994).
  • Journal Articles
    "Surviving Industrial Targeting: State Credibility and Public Policy Contingencies in Multinational Subcontracting," T. Murtha, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization (1991).

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