Susan Goldstein
3-217 Carlson School
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Susan Goldstein

Associate Professor
Supply Chain and Operations


  • PhD 1998
    Operations Management The Ohio State University

  • BS 1988
    Genetics and Cell Biology University of Minnesota

  • MBA 1992
    Operations Management University of Minnesota


  • Quality management in health care
  • Service process management
  • Operations strategy

Susan Meyer Goldstein is an associate professor of Supply Chain and Operations. She earned her BS in Genetics and Cell Biology and MBA at the University of Minnesota and her PhD in Operations Management from The Ohio State University. Her research interests include service process design, management, and improvement. Her teaching interests are in service management, operations strategy, and general operations management. She is recipient of the 2011 Carlson School Teaching Award and 2016 Carlson School Outstanding Service Award.

Selected Works

Operations Management in the Supply Chain: Decisions and Cases, 7th edition, R. Schroeder and S. Goldstein, (McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2017).
“The culture-effectiveness link in a manufacturing context: A resource-based view perspective” Naor, M., Sanders Jones, J.L., Bernardes, E.S., Goldstein, S.M., and Schroeder, R.G. Journal of World Business, 49(3), 321-331 (2014).
“Impact of standards adoption on healthcare transaction performance: The case of HIPAA.” Iossifova, A. and Goldstein, S.M. International Journal of Production Economics, 141(1), 277-285 (2013).
“Theorizing through metaphorical transfer in OM/SCM research: Divorce as a metaphor for strategic buyer-supplier relationship dissolution” Chen, Y., Rungtusanatham, M., Goldstein, S.M., Koerner, A.F. Journal of Operations Management, 31(7-8), 579-586 (2013).
“Ten years after: Interference of hospital slack in process performance benefits of quality practices.” Goldstein, S.M. and Iossifova, A. Journal of Operations Management, 30(1-2), 44-54 (2012).
“Explaining anomalous high performance in a health care supply chain.” Shah, R., Goldstein, S.M., Unger, B.T., and Henry, T.D. Decision Sciences, 39(4), 759-789 (2008).
“The role of culture types as exogenous drivers of quality management practices: Infrastructure versus core quality practices.” Naor, M., Goldstein, S.M., Linderman, K. and Schroeder, R. Decision Sciences, 39(4), 671-702 (2008).
"Applying the Collective Causal Mapping Methodology to Operations Management curriculum development," J.M. Hays, T. Bouzdine-Chameeva, S.M. Goldstein, A.V. Hill, and A.J. Scavarda, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 5(2) (2008).

Current Activities

Current Research

  • Managing variability in high-contact services

Editorial Appointments

  • Associate editor, Decision Sciences Journal

  • Associate editor, Services Industry Journal

  • Editorial Board, Production and Operations Managment Journal

Honors and Awards

  • Best empirical paper, Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 2007-8

  • Carlson School Teaching Award, 2011

  • Carlson School Outstanding Service Award, 2016

  • Juran Scholar Award, Joseph M. Juran Center for Leadersip in Quality, University of Minnesota, 2005

  • American Society for Quality Research Fellowship

  • Best Paper Award, Literati Club, 1999

  • Ranked # 11 (tied) among service operations researchers for individual author contributions in: A note on the growth of research in Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Vol. 16 No. 6 (2007) based on papers published during 1990-2006 in Journal of Operations Management, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Management Science, and Operations Research.

  • Research Fellow - The Ohio State University Center for Operational Excellence

  • Finalist, Decision Sciences Best Article Award for 2008

Research Grants

  • McKnight Foundation Grant, 2006

  • Medical Industry Leadership Institute Interdisciplinary Grant Award, Principle Investigator