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Scott Luecke

Adjunct Professor
Masters of Business Taxation


3-110 CarlSMgmt


  • BSBA
    Accounting University of South Dakota
  • MBA
    Management University of South Dakota

About Scott

Scott Luecke is a senior tax manager in Ernst & Young LLP's National Tax Department - Partnership Transactional Planning & Economics Group.  Based in Minneapolis, MN, Scott has more than 12 years of experience providing tax advisory services to large multinational corporations in the financial services, manufacturing, media/telecommunication, agricultural, real estate and private equity sectors. He advises clients on all aspects of joint venture and partnership tax matters, including acquisition, formation, operation, restructuring and disposition issues. 

Scott has extensive experience with large and complicated joint venture structures, often involving large multi-national corporate partners, in accounting for various partnership tax matters such as the proper maintenance of Section 704(b) capital accounts and related income allocations, including the allocation of tax credits, accounting for section 704(c) differences, determining basis adjustments under Sections 743(b) and 734(b), determinations of partner's outside tax basis, disguised sale calculations, Section 752 liability allocations, Section 751 "hot asset" computations, and assistance with the impact of the partnership tax rules on determining a partner's deferred tax liability with respect to its interest in a partnership.

Scott is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Minnesota CPA Society.

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