Kevin Linderman
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Kevin Linderman

Curtis L. Carlson Professor in Supply Chain and Operations
Supply Chain and Operations


  • BA 1987
    Mathematics and Philosophy Minnesota State University

  • MS 1989
    Mathematics Miami University

  • MS 1996
    Management Science Case Western Reserve University

  • PhD 1998
    Operations Research and Operations Management Case Western Reserve University


  • Process improvement, six sigma, lean, and quality management
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Environmental Management

Kevin Linderman is a Professor of Supply Chain & Operations with a BA in mathematics and philosophy from Minnesota State University, MS in mathematics from Miami University, an MS in management science at Case Western Reserve University, and a PhD in operations from Case Western Reserve University. His research has been supported by a National Science Foundation. He has won a number of research awards including the Chan Hahn Distinguished Paper Award, Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Competition Winner (Co-Advisor), Carlson School of Management Research Award, and Journal of Operations Management Top Cited Article Award. His publications have appeared in Management Science, Journal of Operations Management, Decision Science, IIE Transactions, European Journal of Operations Research, Journal of Quality Technology, and Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. His research interests in supply chain and operations include quality management, six sigma, lean, innovation, knowledge management, high-tech organizations, and environmental operations.

Selected Works

  • "The Role of Project and Organizational Context in Managing High-Tech R&D Projects," Chandrasekaran, A., Linderman, K., Schroeder, R. Production and Operations Management (2014)
  • "Managing Knowledge Creation in High-Tech R&D Projects: A Multi-method Study," Chandrasekaran, A. and Linderman, K., Decision Science (2014)
  • "Customizing Quality Management Practices: A Conceptual and Measurement Framework," Zhang, D., Linderman, K., and Schroeder, R.G. Decision Sciences (2014)
  • "The Effect of Environmental Complexity and Environmental Dynamism on Lean Practices," Azadegan, A., Patel, P., Zangoueinezhad, A., Linderman, K., Journal of Operations Management (2013).
  • "Capabilities for Ambidexterity in High Technology Organization," Chandrasekaran, A., Linderman, K., and Schroeder, R.G., Journal of Operations Management (2012)
  • "The Moderating Role of Contextual Factors on Quality Management Practices," Zhang, D., Linderman, K., and Schroeder, R.G.Journal of Operations Management (2012)
  • "A Knowledge Framework Underlying Process Management Systems," Linderman, K., Schroeder, R. G., Sanders, J. Decision Science (2010)
  • "The globalization of operations in Eastern and Western countries: Unpacking the relationship between national and organizational culture and its impact on manufacturing performance," Naor, M., Linderman, K., and Schroeder, R.G., Journal of Operations Management (2010)
  • "The Progress and Exchange of Knowledge in Operations Management," Linderman, K., Chandrasekaran, A., Journal of Operations Management (2010)
  • "Six Sigma: Definition and Theory," Linderman, K., Schroeder, R.G.,Liedtke, C., and Choo, A. Journal of Operations Management (2008).
  • "The Role of Culture Types as Exogenous Drivers of Quality Management Practices: Infrastructure versus Core Quality Practices," Naor, M., Goldstein, S.M., Linderman, K., Schroeder, R. G. Decision Science (2008)
  • "Social and Method Effects on Learning Behaviors and Knowledge Creation in Six Sigma Projects," Linderman, K. , Choo, A., and Schroeder, R. Management Science (2007).
  • "Six Sigma: The Role of Goals in Improvement Teams," Linderman, K. , Schroeder, R. and Choo, A. Journal of Operations Management (2006).
  • "Evolution of Quality: First Fifty Issues of Production and Operations Management," Linderman, K., Schroeder, R., and Zhang, D. Production and Operations Management (2005).
  • "An Integrated Systems Approach to Process Control and Maintenance," Linderman, K. , McKone, K. , and Anderson, J. European Journal of Operations Research (2005).
  • "Six Sigma: A Goal Theoretic Perspective," Linderman, K., Schroeder, R., Zaheer, S., and Choo, A. Journal of Operations Management (2003).
  • "Hazardous Waste Disposal: A Waste-Fuel Blending Approach," Flowers, A. D. Linderman, K. Production and Operations Management (2003).
  • "Robust Economic Design of Control Charts," Linderman, K. and Choo, A. IIE Transactions (2002).

Current Activities

Community Relationships

  • Consulting and industrial research projects with Keystone, Schwan's Food Service, MacMillian Bloedel, TBN, GEON, PCC Airfoils, Select Comfort

Current Research

  • Process Improvement, Six Sigma and Lean, Innovation and Knowledge Management, Supply Chain Resilience and Security, Evironemtal Operations

Honors and Awards

  • 2016 Operations Management Scholar Award, Academy of Management 

  • 2016 Associate Editor Award, Journal of Supply Chain Management

  • 2015 Carlson School of Management Research Award

  • 2016 Associate Editor Award, Decision Science Journal

  • 2010, 2006 Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award (Co-advisor)

  • 2004 Academy of Management Chan K. Hahn Distinguished Paper Award

  • 2011 Carlson School of Management Faculty Research Award

  • Journal of Operations Management Top Cited Article for 2007-2011

Research Grants

  • Sustaining High Quality Performance in Organizations, National Science Foundation Grant

  • Knowledge creation and diffusion in organizations using the Six Sigma approach, National Science Foundation Grant

  • Sustaining High Quality Performance in Organizations, National Science Foundation Grant

Scholarly Service

  • Academy of Management, Operations Management Division Chair