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Jianxuan Lei

PhD Student
Work & Organizations


  • M.A. 2021
    Human Resources and Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • B.B.A. 2019
    Business Administration, Renmin University of China


  • Comparative Employment Relations
  • Labor Unions
  • Worker Voice
  • Identities at Work


Jianxuan is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Work and Organizations at the Carlson School of Management. He studies employment relationships, with a particular emphasis on trade unions in different institutional and cultural contexts (primary interest) and identities at work, e.g., gender and race (secondary interest). He is interested in applying both critical theory and econometric analysis in his research. Before joining the Ph.D. program, Jianxuan earned his bachelor degree from Renmin University of China and M.A. in industrial relations from the University of Minnesota.

Selected Works & Activities

  • Working Papers
    Lei, Jianxuan. Trade Union Membership and Women’s Right to Work: The Complex Dynamics between Gender, Labor, and Politics in Europe. Status: Writing the Manuscript.
  • Working Papers
    Lei, Jianxuan. The Importance of Legal Strength to Trade Unions: Theory and Evidence in the Chinese Context. Status: Manuscript Available
  • Honors and Awards

    2022, Labor and Employment Relations Associations (LERA) Best Student Paper Award

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