Jeffrey Kaufmann

Jeffrey Kaufmann

Senior Lecturer
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship


  • Ph.D. 2000
    Management [Strategy] University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • J.D. 1990
    College of William and Mary
  • B.B.A. 1987
    Management James Madison University


  • Strategy Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Managing the Ethical Environment
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Law and Management
  • Organizational Economics
  • Regulation


Jeffrey Kaufmann is a Senior Lecturer in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship group at the Carlson School of Management where he teaches courses on Strategy, Managing the Strategic Process, Ethics, Leadership and Competitive Economics.  His interests focus on systematic problems facing managers as they attempt to implement strategic ideas / changes or manage the ethical environment.  Prior to joining the Carlson School, he was on the faculty at the University of Illinois and Iowa State University, and has taught Strategic Management at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.  In 2016, he received the CSOM Part-Time MBA Program's Faculty of the Year Award.

Dr. Kaufmann’s research has looked at such issues as why joint ventures fail, what happens to medical residents during training, and on managing ethical behavior. His work has appeared in a variety of journals including The Academy of Management Journal, Business & Professional Ethics Journal, Journal of World Business, Journal of Small Business Management, Business Horizons, and the Administrative Law Review. His research has been discussed in various outlets including The New York Times, Business Week, USA Today, NPR and the South African Business Day, and a co-authored article on the use of cost-benefit analysis in federal rule-making has been cited in a Congressional Report in the U.S. and as part of a report by the Office of Judicial Affairs of the Council of Europe.

Kaufmann received his undergraduate degree in business from James Madison University where he was named the Outstanding Student in Management.  From there he went on to law school at the and Mary where he was the recipient of the Chief Justice Lawrence W. I’Anson Award for Exceptional Professional Promise.  He then received his doctorate in Strategic Management from the University of North Carolina where he was named a National Doctoral Fellow in Business and where his dissertation on why joint ventures terminate was a finalist (1 of 4) for the Free Press Dissertation Award as the top dissertation in the field of strategy.

Jeffrey is a former managing editor of the Administrative Law Review and has served as vice-chair or co-chair on various committees for the Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice of the American Bar Association. A veteran of U.S. Naval Intelligence, he is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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