Ian Maitland
3-408 Carlson School

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Ian Maitland

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship


  • BA 1966
    modern languages Oxford University

  • PhD 1979
    sociology Columbia University

  • JD 2005
    (Hons.) Concord University School of Law

  • ACA 1970
    chartered accountant England and Wales


  • Morality of markets
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Globalization
  • Ethics
  • Trust
  • Boards of directors
  • Government industrial policies
  • Diversity
  • Gender differences

Ian Maitland is professor currently teaching classes in business ethics and international business. Professor Maitland also has taught in the Carlson School's China and Warsaw Executive MBA programs and the Management of Technology Master's Program, as well as being a Visiting Professor at Keio University in Tokyo in 2001. He has a PhD from Columbia University in sociology and a BA from Magdalen College, Oxford. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in England, and he is a member of the California Bar. Professor Maitland was the President of the Society of Business Ethics in 2010‐11. He has been a candidate for U.S. Congress in Minnesota's Fourth Congressional District as well as columnist for the Star Tribune and the first Senior Fellow at the Center of the American Experiment (a Minneapolis‐based conservative think‐tank).

Selected Works

"The Human Face of Self-Interest," Ian Maitland, Journal of Business Ethics (2002).
"The Great Non-Debate Over International Sweatshops," Ian Maitland, Ethical Theory and Business, eds. T. Beauchamp and N. Bowie (Prentice-Hall, 2000).
"Priceless Goods: How Should Life-Saving Drugs be Priced?" Ian Maitland, Business Ethics Quarterly (2002).
"Distributive Justice in Firms: Do The Rules of Corporate Governance Matter?" Ian Maitland, Business Ethics Quarterly (2001).
"Community Lost?" Ian Maitland, Business Ethics Quarterly (1998).
"Virtuous Markets: The Markets as School of the Virtues," Ian Maitland, Business Ethics Quarterly (1997).
"The Morality of the Corporation," Ian Maitland, Business Ethics Quarterly (1994).
"Rights in the Workplace: A Nozickian Argument," Ian Maitland, Journal of Business Ethics (1989).
"The Limits of Business Self-Regulation," Ian Maitland, California Management Review (1985).
The Causes of Industrial Disorder, Ian Maitland (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1983).
"Japan's Stakeholder Economy," Ian Maitland and Mitsuhiro Umezu, Journal of Private Enterprise (2006).

Current Activities

Community Relationships

  • Republican candidate for U. S. Congress in Minnesota's 4th Congressional District, 1988, 1990, and 1992

  • Senior Fellow, Center of the American Experiment, 1992-97

  • Columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, 1993-95

  • President, Minnesota Association of Scholars, 1998-99

  • Director, Tocqueville Center for the Study of Liberty and Free Institutions, 2005-present

Current Research

  • Is homo economicus to blame for corporate wrongdoing&

  • The ethics of class action employment discrimination lawsuits