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Gordon Everest

Associate Professor Emeritus
Information & Decision Sciences


  • B Com 1962
    Accounting and Mathematics University of Alberta

  • SM 1965
    Industrial Management MIT

  • PhD 1974
    Business and Applied Economics University of Pennsylvania


  • Database management systems (DBMS)
  • Logical data modeling, object-role modeling (ORM)
  • Data-centered systems development and CASE
  • DATA warehousing, multidimensional databases
  • Object-oriented DBMS
  • Legal aspects of computing

Selected Works

  • "NIAM/OR Modeling: Student and Expert Solutions," Proceedings of the Challenges, Program, International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, Berlin, Germany, 1996
  • "Using Accelerated and Extended Approaches for Data Planning and Design," with M. Pelkki and D. Rose, The Compiler, 1995
  • "Building an Information Systems Architecture: Collective Wisdom from the Field," with Y. Kim, Information & Management, 1993
  • "Database Management: The Next Generation," CIM Review, 1990
  • "An Analysis of the Data Representation Constructs of the ANSI NDL and SQL Standards," with S. March, M. Hanna and M. Sastry, Computer Standards & Interfaces, 1990
  • Database Management: Objectives, System Functions, and Administration, McGraw-Hill, 1986

Current Activities

Community Relationships

  • Expert legal witness for several law firms on computer industry, technology, and software systems

Current Research

  • Comparing DATA modeling notational schemes

  • Privacy and security on the Internet

  • DATA vs. object-oriented modeling

  • Object-role modeling (ORM)

Editorial Appointments

  • Editorial Board, Information Systems

Scholarly Service

  • Member, Association for Computing Machinery

  • Member, Society for Information Management

  • Member, IEEE Computer Society