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Erich Selvig

Information and Decision Sciences



  • Undergraduate
    Economics B.S. University of Minnesota - College of Liberal Arts
  • Graduate
    Master of Business Administration University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management


I am a part time Senior Lecturer at Carlson and an alumnus of the University of Minnesota.  I grew up in Minnesota and received my undergraduate degree in Economics from the College of Liberal Arts and my MBA from Carlson School of Management.  I've been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Minnesota since the fall of 2019.

Lectured in Courses:
IDSc 3001 - Introduction to Technology and Business
IDSc 4471 - Agile Methods

I've been a Fortune 50 business executive for more than 25 years and in IT for the last 10. During my career I have seen technology enable corporate functions from both the business side and IT.  My experience has provided me unique insights and lessons learned how IT plays a critical role in any business.  View my LinkedIn profile for additional career specifics. 

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and insights on business and IT with my students, while also learning from their unique perspectives in a rapidly changing world of business and IT. 

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