Dongil Jang

Dongil (Marco) Jang

PhD Candidate
Work & Organizations


  • B.A. 2017
    Sociology Yonsei University
  • M.A. 2019
    Sociology Yonsei University


  • Social Networks
  • Career Mobility
  • Negotiation


Programs of Research.

1. The emergent aspects of social interactions and the socio-cognitive anatomy of the structuration process from the social network perspective.

2. The increasing publicness of employee information in the labor market and the effects of employee visibility on career mobility.

3. The harmonization between theoretical framework and data-driven approach, focusing on how the machine learning approach can measure meaningful categories.

Research and Teaching Interests.

My current research topically focuses on social networks, career mobility, and the online labor market but their innate motivation is to integrate ideas from economic sociology into OB/HR research. Carlson is a perfect academic accelerator for me as I can learn from great psychologists and economists, cultivating my interdisciplinary perspective on how we work and organize. 

I am interested in teaching Strategic Human Resource Management. Some specific teaching topics that are relevant to my research projects are Social Capital in Workplaces and Digital Transformation in Workplaces. In addition, teaching Social Statistics for Business Management using R and Python can be another interesting lecture I can happily share with students.

I enjoy inviting friends to my house and cooking Korean dishes to serve the guests. I like cats and am a fan of the Paul Thomas Anderson Movies! 

You can visit my personal website to know more about me :)

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