Carl Adams

Carl Adams

Professor Emeritus
Information & Decision Sciences



  • BS 1962
    Applied Physics Michigan Technical University
  • MS 1963
    Industrial Administration Purdue University
  • PhD 1965
    Management Science Purdue University


  • Strategy and structure of information systems/information technology (IS/IT) functional organizations


Carl Adams is professor of the Information and Decision Sciences Department. Research interests include the concept of IS/IT organizational capabilities and their relationship to IS/IT functional strategy, problem formulation as a critical skill, and the process of design as a general competence and specifically in the context of new process design and business development. Teaching interests are courses or parts of courses that relate to my research interests.

Selected Works & Activities

  • Journal Articles
    "DSS Theory of Constructs and Relationships," C.Adams, M. Eierman, and F. Niederman, Journal of Decision Support System (1995).
  • Journal Articles
    "Differentiation Through Customer Involvement in Production or Delivery," C. Adams and J. Song, Journal of Consumer Marketing (1993).
  • Journal Articles
    "A Morphological Approach to Generating Information Technology Product Ideas," C. Adams and J. Song, Information and Management (1994).
  • Journal Articles
    "A Model Integrated Information Center," C. Adams, et al., Journal of the American Society for Information Science (1991).
  • Journal Articles
    "Measuring the Market impacts of Initial Public Offering" with J.H. Song and Y. Rhee, The Business Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 3, No. 4, (2009).
  • Journal Articles
    "Centralizing IS Governance to Achieve Standardization and Integration," with E. Larson and W. Xia, AMCIS Conference, Keystone, CO 2007.

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