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Carl Adams

Professor Emeritus
Information & Decision Sciences


  • BS 1962
    Applied Physics Michigan Technical University

  • MS 1963
    Industrial Administration Purdue University

  • PhD 1965
    Management Science Purdue University


  • Strategy and structure of information systems/information technology (IS/IT) functional organizations

Carl Adams is professor of the Information and Decision Sciences Department. Research interests include the concept of IS/IT organizational capabilities and their relationship to IS/IT functional strategy, problem formulation as a critical skill, and the process of design as a general competence and specifically in the context of new process design and business development. Teaching interests are courses or parts of courses that relate to my research interests.

Selected Works

"DSS Theory of Constructs and Relationships," C.Adams, M. Eierman, and F. Niederman, Journal of Decision Support System (1995).
"Differentiation Through Customer Involvement in Production or Delivery," C. Adams and J. Song, Journal of Consumer Marketing (1993).
"A Morphological Approach to Generating Information Technology Product Ideas," C. Adams and J. Song, Information and Management (1994).
"A Model Integrated Information Center," C. Adams, et al., Journal of the American Society for Information Science (1991).
"Measuring the Market impacts of Initial Public Offering" with J.H. Song and Y. Rhee, The Business Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 3, No. 4, (2009).
"Centralizing IS Governance to Achieve Standardization and Integration," with E. Larson and W. Xia, AMCIS Conference, Keystone, CO 2007.

Current Activities

Administrative Appointments

  • Member, All-University Honors Committee

  • Director, Management Information Systems Research Center

Current Research

  • IS/IT functional strategy

  • IS/IT organizational structure

  • IS/IT planning processes