Andrew Franklin Whitman
3-111 CarlSMgmt
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Andrew Whitman



  • BS 1960
    Business Pennsylvania State University

  • MBA 1962
    Business Pennsylvania State University

  • PhD 1966
    Commerce University of Wisconsin

  • JD 1968
    Law University of Minnesota


  • Insurance coverage, marketing, underwriting and claims
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employee health benefits
  • Corporate risk management

Dr. Whitman is professor of insurance in The Carlson School of Management.  As a practitioner he served as special assistant in the Wisconsin Insurance Department, as an attorney admitted to practice in Minnesota and Pennsylvania, as deputy commissioner and acting chief counsel for the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, and as an insurance and risk management consultant to corporations and government entities. As a consultant to attorneys and an expert witness he has testified in the courts of 10 states and has participated in many insurance cases. He served as chair of the Finance, Real Estate, and Law Department in the College of Business, California Polytechnic State University in Pomona, CA; and has published in academic and professional journals and co-authored books on insurance law. He teaches courses on corporate risk management, insurance, personal finance, and employee benefits.


Selected Works

Webinar Program 10/25/2013:Enterprise Risk Mtg. Fundamentals: ERM Concepts and Legal Applications. cosponsored by the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law, ABA-IPL Young Lawyers Action Group, Young Lawyers Division. Moderator/Faculty 1., Andrew Whitman, (612)625-2553, Carlson School, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN Faculty 2.; Jonathan D. Bennett, (856)968-9201, Loughry & Lindsay, LLC, Camden, NJ Faculty 3. Eileen Garczynski,(703)827-2277, Ames & Gough, McLean, VA Faculty 4; William Lin, (206)223-7000, Lane Powell, PC, Seattle, WA Faculty 5; Paul Swanson, (206)223-7000, Lane Powell, PC, Seattle, WA
Steps To A Healthy Financial Future: Medical Resident's Financial Management Todd Koch, CPA, MBT, CFP; Partner, John A. Knutson & Co., PLLP; Andy Whitman, JD, PhD, CFP; Professor, UMN Carlson School;Bob Hall, CPCU, MBA, CFP @ Adviser Carlson INS Courses June 21, 2013 ¨ Student Loan Debt ¨ Income and Payroll Taxes ¨ Employer Benefits ¨ Payment Priorities ¨ Buying a Home ¨ Investments ¨ Insurance ¨ Spendable Cash ¨ Financial Planning Team
CHAPTER 4. ERM and The Role of IP for Small and Midsize Enterprises (SME): Andrew Whitman- 2014 This chapter describes Intellectual Property Risks facing Small and Midsize Enterprises an ERM Framework, Cost/Benefit Strategies, Requirements of Financing, Utility and Production, Risk Mitigation Strategies, Patent Trolls put SMEs out of business, Opportunities for SMEs with Patents, Licenses and Trademarks: License it; Work on it, Assign it, Auction it; Cross license it; Enforce it. Presented as part of an Americian Bar Association Webinar, 2013.
Abstract of a Chapter for Small Business CHAPTER 3. Impact of the Affordable Health Care Act on SME's Andrew Whitman- 06/05/2013 Health Insurance under The Patent Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) is required for certain SMES. It is the third mandated medical payment insurance. Workers compensation and automobile insurance has been required. ERM decision factors include the classification and number of employees by FTEs, ages, health condition, and household income (from last year's tax return) and the classification of independent contractors. This chapter reviews: ACA Implementation Deadlines, Major Issues in State Legislatures; Impact of ACA on Small Organizations-Owners and Employees; Eligibility for Individual Premium Subsidy or Business Tax Credit; Impact of ACA on Unknowing Individuals; Application of Mathematical Models by CPAs and Actuaries; Opportunities and Obligations for SME Owners and Employees Evaluated In An ERM Process.
ERM IS LEGALLY REQUIRED FOR FINANCIAL & GOVERNMENTAL INSTITUTIONS, BUT NOT FOR OTHER ORGANIZATIONS Andrew F. Whitman, University of Minnesota APRIA 07/30/13, Proposal Number (accepted) 148 PMS000571 CONCURRENT SESSIONS TWO:(Tuesday,July 30;10:15AM–11:45 AM Abstract: Elements of ERM are legally required for U.S. financial institutions and for government-sponsored enterprises: required by U.S. statutes, regulatory agencies (SEC), National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and by rating agencies (Standard and Poor's). Elements of ERM are practiced by some public corporations, by farmers and by owners of intellectual property. We found no U.S statutes or court cases requiring an ERM framework for "public organizations." This research assists in determining whether there is a legal duty for "Public Organizations" to implement an ERM process. If a public organization is sued in U. S. Federal court alleging breach of a duty to practice ERM, the suit will likely be dismissed.
Enterprise Risk Management for Insurance Agencies, Weimer, Whitman, Kallman, Agents of America, Ebook 2009, and a hard copy published in 2013 by Thomas Reuters. "A Comprehensive Guide to Avoiding E&O Claims" used by insurance practitioners was completed at the end of 2012. In an email confirmation from Elizabeth Murthy, Legal Editor of Thomas Reuters, states that they have agreed to publish a print version of the book. From: [] Co-authors are Professor James William Kallman Ph. D., ARM, Britton Weimer and other attorneys who wrote a chapter in the book: Al Stephens; Alan R. Jampol; Blaine Grant; Merry Palmer; Michael W. Morrison; Matthew S. Marrone; Daniel Meyer; Darlene White; Roy Little; Castoria, Louis; Peter Biging; Frances O'Meara; Debbie Dutton Lambert; Daina Dennis.
Chapters in Employment Practices Liability Guide to Risk Exposures and Coverages, Hagglund, Weimer, Speidel & Whitman, National Underwriter, 1998, 2nd Ed. 2012; revised 2013.. The second edition of the Employment Practices Liability enables you to take the necessary three steps toward an effective employment practices risk management plan: 1. Recognizing the exposure areas, 2. Developing practices to manage exposures, 3. Obtaining liability coverages for the risks chapter is dedicated to Employment Risk Management from A to Z.
The Law of Commercial Agents and Brokers, Weimer, Hagglund & Whitman (Thompson/West, 2007),Supplement revised, 2011; annual update 2013. . Commercial insurance agents and brokers are increasingly included in coverage litigation as back-up defendants in case no coverage is found under the policy as written. Commercial policyholders assert a wide range of tort and contract claims against the agents and brokers, such as failure to follow coverage instructions. This book provides a detailed analysis of these claims, along with the defenses available to the agents and brokers. It also examines in detail principal-agent claims and fiduciary-duty claims against insurance brokers who allegedly failed to disclose commissions from insurers and other conflicts of interest to policyholders. * Enables attorneys practicing in coverage litigation to handle agent/broker issues that are increasingly intruding into ordinary coverage litigation
"Gold in Old CGL Policies," "Corporate Risk Management," and "Pollution-Related Exclusions," Andrew Whitman, The CGL Handbook (Aspen Press, 1999). Hagglund, Weimer, Whitman & Arlene Jorgenson Hillestad,, Aspen Press, CGL Policy Handbook, Second Edition (2011), Supp. 2013, Aspen Law & Business: coauthors,Britton Weimer, Andrew Whitman, Clarance Hagglund, and Arlene Hillestad. CGL Policy Handbook Covers legal issues under the Commercial General Liability Policy (CGL) used by virtually very US organization, private and public.
Minnesota Insurance Law and Practice, eds. Britton Weimer, Clarance Hagglund, and Andrew Whitman (West Publishing, 2002); Vols, 22 & 22A, revised 2010, Supp. 2013. Minnesota Insurance Law and Practice was cited several times by the Minnesota appellate courts in 2011-2012. Is assigned reading in UMN Insurance law Clinic.. Focuses on the most frequently litigated issues. Volume 22, hardbound, identifies core principles in plain language, and highlights cutting-edge issues and cases. Used by attorneys and insurance claims adjusters who apply MN Law to insurance policy procurement, underwriting and loss adjusting.
Insurance Regulation and Insurers' Interests in Relocation, Andrew Whitman, Richard Butler, and Yijing Cui, Minnesota Center for Insurance Research (Spring 2000), and Journal of Insurance Regulation (Spring 2001).
Insurers' Demutualization Decisions, Andrew Whitman, Richard Butler, and Yijing Cui, Minnesota Center for Insurance Research (Spring 2000), and Risk Management and Insurance Review (Fall 2001).
Evaluation of Claims for Cosmetic Damage Under Homeowners Policies, Andrew Whitman, Minnesota Center for Insurance Research (Summer 1999).
Employer Health Benefits, Insurance, and Liability, "Pension Plan Liability," and "Risk Management for Business," Stay Out of Court ... and Stay in Business, eds. Clarance Hagglund, Britton Weimer, William Weeding, and Andrew Whitman (Common Law Press, 1996).
Pollution Cleanup Liability and "Employee Benefit Plans," Minnesota Insurance Law, eds. Clarance Hagglund, Britton Weimer and Andrew Whitman (Common Law Publishing, 1995).
The Level of Duty is the Agent's Choice, Andrew Whitman, CPCU Journal (1993).
Presented at the ARIA annual meeting in Aug. 2013. Group Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi): Solutions To The Death Spiral Full Paper Supporting the ARIA 08/07/2012 Poster Session Description: This paper references premium increases produced by inadequate initial premium, adverse-selection and a potential death spiral for two examples of fully insured group long term care insurance plans

Current Activities

Community Relationships

  • Volunteer firefighter and first responder, Station #1, Maple Grove, Minnesota

  • Advisor to Andrew Riverside Presbyterian Church

  • Director - Risk Management, Inc.

  • EMT for the Maple Grove Fire Department

  • Serves Southeast Minneapolis Meals on Wheels and attends Board of Directors Meetings

  • Consultant for Risk Management, Inc., and attorneys on insurance issues

  • Guest Lecturer - MN CLE Seminars; and UMN LIbrary Association, & MN CPCU Chapter

  • Public Member, Minnesota Auto Insurance Plan

  • Performs music therapy weekly at nursing homes

  • Member, Board of Directors, Missions, Inc.

  • Project Homeless Connect Volunteer

  • Member, Board of Directors, Comida Par Vida, Inc.

Current Research

  • Liability risk management

  • Employee health benefits and managed care

  • Insurer liability for environmental cleanup

  • Agent/broker duties

  • On- and off-the-job, 24-hour health benefits

Scholarly Service

  • Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU)

  • Coordinator, risk management and actuarial science majors, Carlson School

  • Certified Financial Planner (CPF)

  • Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), 1968