Adam Schrag

Adam Schrag

Senior Lecturer
Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship



  • Ph.D. 2013
    English, University of Minnesota
  • B.A. 1997
    English & Philosophy, Bethel College (Kansas)


  • strategic communication, visual rhetoric, multimedia storytelling, media studies, military visuality, digital aesthetics, network ecologies, meme culture, history of photography


Adam is a communication scholar and educator with expertise in Plain English, International English Style, slide design, visual rhetoric, intercultural communication, media studies, and multimedia storytelling. He teaches Business Communication, Intercultural Communication, and Risk Communication. He has presented and published work both nationally and internationally, including articles on photography in the age of Instagram, early cinema in the age of animated gifs, and the uses and abuses of Powerpoint as a risk communication tool amid technological accidents.

Selected Works & Activities

  • Book Chapters
    “Duraciones precarias: las tomas largas de Alfonso Cuarón.” (“Precarious Durations: Alfonso Cuarón’s Long(ing) Takes”). Literaturas a través de las “culturas” de las Américas. Ed. Gina Ponce De León. Bogotá, Colombia: Diente de León, 2017. 256-271.
  • Journal Articles
    “’Pics, or it didn’t happen’: On Visual Evidence in the Age of Ubiquitous Photography.” Pacific Journal10 (2015): 1-16.
  • Thesis/Dissertation
    Surface to Surface: War, Image & the Senses in the Screenic Era
  • Journal Articles
    “War & Art in the Screenic Era.” Spec. Iss. ISEA Istanbul 2011. Ozden Sahin, Editor. Leonardo Electronic Almanac 18.4: n.pag.
  • Book Chapters
    “(Photo)Graphic Death: The Economy of Shooting in Larry Burrows’ ‘One Ride with Yankee Papa 13.’” Images of War, War of Images. Eds. Karine Hildenbrand and Gérard Hugues. Newcastle, UK: Oxford Scholars Publishing. 159-167.

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