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Medical Valuation Laboratory

A leader in educating professionals to evaluate and estimate the investment potential of real-world health care innovations, accelerating their careers and preparing them for global leadership roles.

The Medical Valuation Laboratory conducts rapid market assessments for new medical innovations. The students in the course produce over 30 analyses per year, helping assess lifesaving ideas and streamlining the time-to-market for critical new products. Since its inception in 2008, the Valuation Lab has had a wide audience, ranging from students in eight different colleges at the University of Minnesota who want to gain hands-on, real-world experience, to clients and inventors who want a top-to-bottom analysis of their medical technology and its prospects in the market, to recruiters looking for future employees.


May 2022 Lab Chat - Balancing Innovation, Access and Affordability in our Health Care System

Join us for our next virtual Fireside Chat, May 19th, 12-1pm!

This May, we will talk to John O'Brien PharmD MPH, CEO of the National Pharmaceutical Council. This organization sponsors and participates in research on the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals and the clinical and economic value of pharmaceutical innovation. Dr. O'Brien's broad experience spans the public and private sector including senior advisory positions to the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, senior policy positions for BCBS and CMS, and academic faculty positions at a number of prominent public universities. As usual, the session will include an off-the-record Q&A. Everyone is welcome!


Unable to make it to one of our Fireside Chats and don't want to miss out?


Rapid market assessments for new medical innovations


Analyses per year, assessing lifesaving ideas for critical new products


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Preparing students for leadership roles in the medical industry

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Medical Valuation Laboratory


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