MILI is committed to creating opportunities for mutual student and industry benefit through industry-related experiential learning that enables and accelerates new industry innovations through formal course offerings with hands-on product development, financing, and market research and authorship of management plans. MILI also drives professional and social networks designed for a lifetime of benefit. We sponsor a student association as well as an affiliate group and serve as organizational partners from national health policy think tanks to life science development consortia. These connections create consistently top-level engagement among students, entrepreneurs, policymakers, business leaders, and financiers all focused on the advancement of medical technology on a sustainable, global scale.

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Most classes don't begin with a boot camp, but the Medical Industry Valuation Lab isn't a “class”: it's an incubator for experience, insight, and transformation for inventors and students alike. Boot camp brings in industry experts to provide the Valuation Lab teams with current experience that will be critical in the analysis of new technology in the fast-paced and changing medical technology industry.

MILI's Valuation Laboratory brings together industry innovators in need of a top-to-bottom analysis of their medical technology and its prospects in the market; graduate students from Carlson School of Management, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science and Engineering, the Law School, and the Academic Health Center; and faculty with both academic credentials and practical industry experience. 

We’ve helped companies and individuals from Minnesota, the nation, and around the globe. Let us help you in creating the medical industry’s next big thing.

What do Clients Recieve?

  • A rapid, 5-week production market analysis if their medical technologies and services to help determine the potential for success in the marketplace.
  • A secure, unbiased market assessment of innovation.
  • A broad scope of high-quality perspectives distilled into a 15-page market assessment.
  • An in-person presentation that examines: intellectual property, market size, regulatory approvals, reimbursement requirements, and financial return.

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For Students

MILI's Valuation Laboratory provides industry innovators with a top-to-bottom analysis of their medical innovation and its prospects in the market. With collaboration between eight different colleges across the University of Minnesota campus you're getting more than just one area of focus.

In three project cycles over the course of a semester, the student teams and instructors tease out the intricacies of each innovation. The valuation process involves multiple stages, from assumptions to validations, verifications, challenges, and proposed solutions. Further, each technology is studied not only by that project’s team, but by other Valuation Lab students learning how to participate in technology development in consultant roles. This means each student gains familiarity and experience with up to 15 innovative medical technologies and each technology is given a multifaceted evaluation. After weeks of intellectual inquiry, the students prepare a mock client presentation for faculty critique, and as the project closes they give final recommendations to their inventors.

The Valuation Lab is an intense experience but it’s worth it for everyone involved. Faculty members put their industry knowledge and research to work and students gain dynamic experience that leaves them uniquely prepared for leadership roles in an ever-evolving industry.


The MILI Global Valuation Lab - Bay Area, CA

MILI 6997 will be going on the road to the Bay Area, Jan 3-12, 2018. 
Innovations in medical technologies are one of the leading areas of economic growth in the world.  Thus the strong demand for the valuation of new medical technologies continues to grow.  Students will also be exposed to relevant site visits and speakers from the Bay Area.

More details with link to registration can be found PDF iconMILI 6997 Flyer 2018 (626.36 KB)