MILI is committed to creating opportunities for mutual student and industry benefit through industry-related experiential learning that enables and accelerates new industry innovations through formal course offerings with hands-on product development, financing, and market research and authorship of management plans.

MILI also drives professional and social networks designed for a lifetime of benefit. We sponsor a student association as well as an affiliate group and serve as organizational partners from national health policy think tanks to life science development consortia. These connections create consistently top-level engagement among students, entrepreneurs, policy makers, business leaders, and financiers all focused on the advancement of medical technology on a sustainable, global scale.

Executive Education Courses

Through a selection of signature courses, participants gain an understanding of the landscape of the entire medical industry and engage in detailed analysis of specific topics, firms, and industry sectors.  The curriculum provides students with the challenge of earning a Certificate in Medical Industry Leadership or focus their student on one or two in-depth courses that will most directly improve their performance, resume, and career trajectory.

Support MILI

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute is funded by the generous support of the National Industry Council, Valuation Lab partners, alumni and friends.

Through community support MILI is able to offer unrivaled classroom experiences and industry impacting events where world-renowned leaders are gathering to discuss the topics shaping the future of the medical industry. 

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