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April 13-14, 2014

Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium

This symposium is aimed at bringing together basic scientists, engineers, clinicians, industrial practitioners and entrepreneurs to discuss challenges and opportunities in neuromodulation. The symposium will consist of plenary presentations by leaders in academia, industry and government, and poster presentations to exchange ideas in this exciting field.


Institute for Engineering in Medicine

Neuro-Statistics: the interface between Neuroscience and Statistics

The modern world is one of data: every walk of life and every aspect of nature and human society generates information that can be used for scientific discovery and betterment of life on this planet. This workshop is on the frontier of collaborative research on the use of Statistics and Data Science methods towards understanding Neuroscience data and scientific objectives, and on the challenges and scope of this inter-disciplinary research. A half-day short course will be followed by multiple research presentations culminating in a poster session, on various aspects of how Data Science can help us understand better the human brain.


Institute for Research on Statistics and its Applications
June 4-15, 2017

MILI Global Valuation Lab in Sweden

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MILI & Carlson Global Institute


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Center for the Study of Politics and Governance, Humphrey School of Public Affairs


Meetup - Healthcare MN

"Healthcaremn Minnesota's community for healthcare innovation and startups. If you are working on a healthcare venture, or want to connect with others doing amazing things in healthcare, this is your crowd."
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