MILI offers students innovative training, knowledge, and experiences through industry-specific courses and unique, hands-on evaluations of emerging technologies from around the globe. Our medical industry specialization draws on the diverse expertise of University of Minnesota researchers working in scientific, technical, legal, and ethical areas and leverages our state’s concentration of top-tier companies to create the next generation of leaders.

In turn, MILI offers national and international firms access to the rigorous intellectual community we have established: brilliant faculty with industry experience and academic accolades and focused, promising students who work to bring their expertise to bear on market evaluations, industry problems, and cutting-edge policy conversations.

MILI’s unsurpassed faculty, industry affiliates, National Industry Council and students are shaping the medical industry at every level.



National Industry Council

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) National Industry Council (NIC) is comprised of senior level executives from prominent medical industry firms as well as banking and consulting firms with strong connections to the medical industry.  NIC members support MILI and the Carlson School by:

  • Serving as an industry advocate and ambassador to promote MILI’s brand and name recognition.
  • Advising MILI's education agenda with insights regarding industry-specific skills and talents that will enhance graduate placement opportunities.
  • Facilitating access to senior executives and key decision-makers within their own firms who can offer development support for programs that advance MILI’s objectives.

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Executive in Residence

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) Executive in Residence (EIR) Program is comprised of highly accomplished healthcare industry leaders who enhance the academic environment of MILI by sharing their professional expertise.  EIRs engage directly with students and faculty by participating in activities such as teaching, mentoring, and coaching as well as interacting with the Carlson School, the University and business communities to advance the mission of MILI.

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Pinar Karaca Mandic, PhD
Academic Director, Medical Industry Leadership Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Finance
Archelle Georgiou, MD
Industry Advisor
Jessica Haupt 
Managing Director
Samantha Silker
Assistant Director