Medical Industry Leadership Institute

Medical Industry Leadership Institute

The Carlson School of Management and its Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) are recognized leaders in business education.  Established in 2005, MILI's mission is to shape the future of the medical industry and drive innovation through cutting-edge leadership education and market development.

If your passion comes in making a change in the world through the life saving and life enhancing opportunities afforded by the medical industry, MILI is waiting to embrace your drive and propel you and society to the next level.

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July Dockside Chat - Medical Industry Entrepreneurship in Brazil

Hear from Renielle Lira on healthcare innovation in Brazil and the company she created to help stimulate entrepreneurship. Med.Co not only helps train students with real-world consulting projects, but helps entrepreneurs with their innovations which could have the potential to transform healthcare in Brazil and beyond.

Renielle Lira, is currently finishing her fourth year of  medical school at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. This summer she is also a MILI visitor as part of the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, (YLAI). This fellowship is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government and administered by IREX. Reni is dedicated to  transforming health through innovation and technology. She is interested in surgery, pediatrics and oncology. In addition to medical school, Reni is currently participating in the DASA – Innovative Young Doctors Program and is the Founder and current board member of Med.Co Jr. which provides an innovative framework for students to participate in real world consulting projects focused on healthcare.


July 13, 2022
12:00-12:30 PM CT  - DISCUSSION
12:30-1:00 PM CT - OFF THE RECORD Q&A
Session will be virtual

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2022 Platou Leadership Competition

    This spring, MILI was honored to host the 13th annual Carl Platou Leadership Competition. The competition pays tribute to the legacy of Carl Platou a visionary healthcare executive who was inducted into the 2009 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame. It was established to recognize the leadership skills and innovative thinking of an elite group of students who plan to complement their MBA education with a medical industry specialization. Evoking Mr. Platou's inspirational vision and leadership in the medical industry, the competition recognizes three MBA students who have displayed strong leadership capabilities and innovative thinking throughout their time with the Carlson School’s MBA program.  Nancy Platou Steinke, Carl’s daughter and competition judge said “I saw many of my Dad’s values and characteristics in these candidates. This made the selection process both rewarding and challenging, as they are all well qualified.  It’s my pleasure to be a part of this selection committee in my Dad’s name.” 

    In addition to Nancy, the two other judges were Matt Stoll, Valuation Lab instructor and previous Platou Award Winner and Julia Halberg who said “It is a pleasure and privilege to be part of the Platou leadership award process. I extend my congratulations to all these accomplished students, nominated by their peers and colleagues. To me, the Platou awards showcase the potential to further advance the medical industry field through these outstanding individuals.”

    The judges had a difficult time choosing winners as all of the applicants were very impressive. Third place was awarded to Bill McCue, ’23 MBA and second place Nathan Jones, ’22 MBA. This year’s winner was Kyle Lee, MBA 2022 and previous president of the MILI student association (MILIsa).  “I’m grateful and honored to have been selected as the winner of the Platou Leadership Award. Carl was a luminary in the healthcare industry and in the Twin Cities community, so for parallels to have been drawn between his accomplishments and leadership to that of my own I feel a great sense of pride. I’m also proud to have been in consideration amongst all the other candidates, with whom I’ve worked alongside this entire year and have a great deal of respect for. Going forward, I aim to live up to the example set by Carl and previous award winners and to one day leave a legacy of my own.”

2022 Platou Winners

MILI Valuation Lab

"The MILI Valuation Lab is uniquely positioned at the intersection of medical technology development, marketing, and clinical care. Nowhere in the U.S. is there another program in which students work in interdisciplinary teams to develop a comprehensive strategy for translation of basic research into measurable improvement for patients."

- Roy Bryan, Jr. '11 MD/MBA

Student Programs

The MILI experience is as unique as its students: a tailored, timely curriculum for emerging leaders looking to gain hands-on experience in functional areas of the medical industry from finance and marketing to operations, information technology and market valuation. 

Business School Alliance for Health Management

MILI is a member of the Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM). BAHM is an international consortium of 20 premier MBA programs dedicated to advanced thought leadership and education in the global health sector. MILI partners with fellow BAHM universities to host engaging events and contributes articles to BAHM's Health Management, Policy and Innovation (HMPI) journal. 

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"I have watched the growth of this program and its remarkable impact on students in preparing them to hit the ground running as they enter healthcare companies. MILI benefits both the graduates and their employers" 

– Susan Alpert, Principal, SFA Consulting, MILI Executive in Residence
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