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Student Startup Telo on a Roll

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Four undergraduate students have created a revolutionary design for the rollator walker that is racking up wins in local startup competitions - finishing first in the Walleye Tank and fourth overall at E-Fest.  Conceived in this year's Entrepreneurship in Action course, they have filed a provisional patent for their forward-facing design and integrated fitness tracking device they plan to bring to market in early 2022.

Steven Bleau, Morgan Kerfeld, Rick Pradhan and Beth Urbanski founded this company in the 2-semester experiential course, designing a safer device that flips the narrative from treatment to training.  Next up for team Telo is MN Cup as they graduate and launch their product!

Telo Founders

Meet the co-founders of Telo, a company that is developing the first significant innovation to the rollator walker.