Fees and Expenses

Estimated Expenses 2022–2023

The exchange program covers the cost of tuition and most fees. Students are responsible for any additional costs. On average, students should budget approximately $10,180 for the semester.

Item Cost


$0 (covered by exchange program)
Fees $250

Estimated Living Expenses

*includes room & board (shared accommodations), bus pass, modest meals and books

Health Insurance $1,734
Total Expenses for the Semester $10,180

Student Health Benefit Plan

All non-US passport holders are required to purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan for each semester that they are studying at the Carlson School. Carlson Global Institute staff members will help exchange students enroll in this plan during the Welcome Program. For plan details, please refer to the following resources:

Charges on U of M Student Account

After you arrive at the Carlson School your University of Minnesota student account will be charged several different fees. Some of the fees will be paid by the Carlson School and exchange students are responsible for others.  We will discuss these fees, payment procedures and deadlines in detail during the Welcome Program. You do not need to make any payments to your U of M student account until after the Welcome Program.

Carlson School Pays:

Tuition (12-20 credits), Student Service Fees, Capital Enhancement Fee, Stadium Fee, Collegiate Fee, Transportation Fee, International Student Aid Fee, Tuition Surcharge

Exchange Students Pay:

Housing/meals, International Student Fee, Student Health Benefit Plan, U-Pass (optional), Additional charges made to student account

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