When and How Do You Register For Classes?

As an exchange student, you will not officially register until you arrive on campus for the Welcome Program. However, you will be asked to complete a Course Preference Form prior to arrival to help you plan for your semester exchange.

  • Review the course information below and choose the courses you would like to take.
  • Submit the Course Preference Form to by the deadline
    • Fall semester: July
    • Spring semester: December
  • Academic advisers will review your preferences and provide comments, suggestions, and recommended changes (if needed)
  • The Carlson Global Institute will return your Course Preference Form to you with feedback from academic advisers
  • You will officially register for classes when you arrive at the Carlson School. Bring your Course Preference Form with you to the Welcome Program
  • Limited changes can be made to your course schedule during the first week of class
  • On the registration day during Welcome Program, Carlson Global Institute staff members will help exchange students enroll in the Student Health Benefit Plan. All exchange students are required to purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan for each semester that they are studying at the Carlson School. 

What Classes Are Available to Exchange Students?

Undergraduate students will select courses at the 3xxx, 4xxx, and 5xxx levels. Generally, graduate-level and MBA students will select courses at the 6xxx level. Note that all non-HRIR classes at the 8xxx level are for admitted doctoral students and are not open to exchange students. Undergraduates are not allowed in graduate courses, and graduate students who take undergraduate courses may have difficulty transferring the credits back to their home school. 

Graduate-level exchange students that are interested in taking MBA courses at the Carlson School will work directly with the Carlson Global Institute and a MBA adviser to pick courses.  Students taking MBA courses will register for classes during the Welcome Program with an adviser from the MBA Program Office.  The majority of exchange students will enroll in Part-Time MBA courses. 

We highly recommend that you get all courses, including your alternates, approved by your home university. This will make it easier to transfer credits back to your home university after you study abroad.

Some of the courses you want may be full by the time you arrive on campus to register. Most closed classes will have a wait list. Though the Carlson Global Institute will help you get the classes you need, we cannot guarantee admittance and urge you to consider alternatives. If you really need a particular class, bring documentation from your home coordinator stating that the class is required.

How Many Classes Do Exchange Students Enroll In?

As an exchange student, you must take at least 12 credits per semester to maintain your visa status. The maximum number of credits is 20, and most Carlson School students enroll for 14–16 credits per semester. You may need to take more credits to fulfill the requirements of your home university. Please check with your coordinator for details and requirements.

Course Details

Graduate course lists are available online.  Course descriptions are not available at this time online, but students may request course descriptions by emailing

Exchange students may view courses available during their term at the Carlson School by going to the website and clicking the "Class Search Resources" link. Students should chose Institution = "Twin Cities/Rochester" and the term that they will be studying at the Carlson School. Students may search by subject area (see below) or by a specific course number.

  • Accounting - ACCT
  • Entrepreneurial Management - MGMT, ENTR
  • Finance - FINA
  • Finance and Risk Management Insurance - INS, FINA
  • Human Resources & Industrial Relations - HRIR
  • International Business - IBUS
  • Management Information Systems - IDSC
  • Marketing - MKTG
  • Public and Nonprofit Management - PA, MGMT
  • Supply Chain & Operations Management - SCO
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