To support the International Experience for Carlson undergraduate students, the Carlson Global Institute offers scholarships. To prepare for your International Experience, we encourage you to plan ahead, apply for scholarships well in advance, and complete your financial aid paperwork on time.

Eligibility and Award Criteria

Carlson undergraduate students participating in Carlson Global Institute (CGI) or the University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center (LAC) programs are eligible to apply for need-based, merit-based, and/or Jeanne Voigt for Study Abroad in Emerging Economies scholarships. Carlson students may receive one need-based scholarship during their academic career to fulfill the International Experience. Students who already received a need-based award for a previous program are still eligible to apply for a merit-based and/or Jeanne Voigt award. It is possible to apply for all three scholarships for one program, but only one scholarship can be issued for each program. If a student is eligible for multiple awards for one program, the student will receive the highest award amount out of the possible awards - not the combined amount. 


CGI reviews scholarship applications according to the cycles below. For full consideration, apply by the scholarship deadline on or nearest to your program application deadline. If you miss the scholarship deadline associated with your program, submit your application by the next cycle deadline. Applications received after a deadline will be reviewed in the next cycle on a funds-available basis.

Application Instructions


    • FINANCIAL INFORMATION - To be considered for a need-based scholarship, you must submit your Financial Aid Summary to the "CGI Need Scholarship (Optnl)" item on your program's online checklist.
      • To access your Financial Aid Summary, navigate to your Award Summary on MyU (instructions: and then click "Financial Aid Summary."
      • To upload your Finanancial Aid Summary, copy and paste the information into a Microsoft Word document
    • ELIGIBILITY - Your FAFSA information will be reviewed to determine eligibility for a need-based award.
      • If your financial situation has changed since completing your FAFSA, contact OneStop Student Services at or 612-624-1111 to make any appropriate adjustments prior to applying for a need-based scholarship.

    • COVER LETTER - To be considered for a merit-based scholarship, you must submit a cover letter to the "CGI Merit Scholarship (Optnl)" item on your program's online checklist.
      • This cover letter should describe why you are a compelling candidate for a merit-based award. Highlight accomplishments and qualifications from academic, leadership, internship, job, volunteer, case competition, community involvement, and/or extracurricular experience. This cover letter should not include financial information.
      • EXAMPLE OUTLINE: PDF iconUG Cover Letter Outline (230.92 KB)
      • We encourage you to utilize your resources at the Undergraduate Business Career Center.
    • ELIGIBILITY - Your cover letter and GPA will be reviewed to determine eligibility for a merit-based award.

    • ESSAY - To be considered for a Jeanne Voigt scholarship, you must submit an essay to the "Jeanne Voigt Scholarship" item on your program's online checklist.
      • This essay should answer the following prompt: Describe your interest in social entrepreneurship or international development, what you hope to learn, and how this global experience will support your long-term goals.
      • This essay should be 1 page, double spaced, 12-pt font, and normal margins.
    • ELIGIBILITY - Your essay and program choice will be reviewed to determine eligibility for a Jeanne Voigt award. 
      • LAC programs eligibile for this award include: Minnesota Studies in International Development (MSID) in Senegal, Kenya, Ecuador, or India, and Study Abroad in Tanzania.
      • CGI programs eligible for this award include: MGMT 3010 in Cuba, MGMT 4050 in Brazil, IBUS 3080 in Costa Rica, and approved self-design independent study abroad experiences focused on social entrepreneurship or international development in an emerging economy.


CGI Scholarship Cycles

Scholarship Deadline Scholarship Notification
February 1 March 1
April 1 May 1
June 15 July 15
October 1 November 1
December 1 January 15


Notifications will be sent by email by the date above, or the following weekday if it falls on a weekend or holiday.