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In planning for your International Experience, there are many resources available to help you understand the wide spectrum of costs associated with different study abroad programs and how to finance the program that is right for you. We recommend that you utilize the resources listed below early on as you begin planning for your International Experience.

Financial Planning & Scholarship Resources

  • The Carlson Global Institute offers advising appointments and study abroad scholarships. We recommend that you meet with our scholarships adviser, Anne (Miner) Hilborn, to discuss any questions that you may have regarding program costs and financing. Meetings can be scheduled by contacting the Carlson Global Institute's front desk at or by requesting a meeting directly with the adviser.
  • The Carlson Global Institute offers the Connecting Flight Advance and the Learning Abroad Center offers the Bridging Loan Program, both to assist students who do not immediately have funds available to cover upfront costs associated with their education abroad program, enabling the student to pay for these costs with their Financia Aid package.
  • The Learning Abroad Center offers advising appointments and study abroad scholarships.
  • The Learning Abroad Center hosts a scholarship search engine for various UofM and outside scholarships that can be used for study abroad.
  • The Office of Student Finance within One Stop Student Services offers "Financial Aid Preview Meetings" for study abroad. This allows you to see what your Financial Aid package would look like for the program(s) of your choice.