Where are they now: JonnyPops

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jonny Pops

Introducing MN Cup's Throwback Thursday's!  We will be providing a recap on past finalists and winners of MN Cup. Today we will be hearing from JonnyPops, a 2014 MN Cup Student Division Winner. 

Tell us about your company.
JonnyPops was founded by four Minnesota college students in memory of our friend and co-founder, Jonny.  Our products are frozen fruit and cream pops made with simple, natural ingredients that you can feel good about eating and sharing.  Our pops are so delicious because we start with fruit as the first ingredient and then add real cream, cane sugar, and a pinch of salt.  This combination creates a smooth and creamy texture that our customers love.

How has your journey changed after MN Cup?
Since winning the Student Division of the MN Cup, we have expanded our distribution, and JonnyPops are now available in over 250 grocery stores throughout Chicago including Jewel-Osco, Mariano’s, and Pete’s Fresh Market, as well as Cub Foods in Minnesota!  As we continue our growth, our mission remains the same: to make the world a better place, one pop at a time.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
The most satisfying moments in business are when we receive positive feedback from our customers.  It’s so gratifying to hear how our company and our products have made a positive impact in people’s lives.  We try to make the world a better place—from providing a delicious treat made with simple and natural ingredients, to making donations to the Hazelden Foundation in memory of our friend and co-founder, Jonny.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Our favorite aspect of being entrepreneurs is being able to make the world a better place.  Whether through an act of kindness, supporting a cause meaningful to us, or using simple and natural ingredients in our products, making an impact in our community is our top priority.

What’s next for you and your business?
Early on, we adopted the motto A Better Pop for a Better World, and it has guided and will continue to guide our business.  We strive to provide customers with the best tasting, natural frozen pops while improving the world around us.

What’s your advice for startup companies looking to enter MN Cup?
Work hard, ask questions, and take time to celebrate when you succeed!