Skovlund Medical Products, LLC - Life Science & Health IT Division Semifinalist

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Meet Skovlund Medical Products, LLC - one of the 10 Semifinalists in MN Cup’s Life Science & Health IT Division! Discover the other Minnesota Cup Semifinalists by browsing our blog and site.

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Skovlund Medical Products has patented a dissolvable myringotomy (ear) tube that maintains an opening in the eardrum for 6 or more weeks. Because children frequently need ear tubes, it's the most common operation done on children - nearly 4 million tubes are placed each year worldwide. Current tubes stay in place longer than needed (6-18 months). A dissolvable tube could have great utility for use in kids because it breaks down more quickly, reducing complications like drainage or perforations of the eardrum while successfully treating recurrent ear infections and reducing the cost of care.