Runerra - Student Division Semifinalist

Friday, June 29, 2018

Meet Runerra - one of the 10 Semifinalists in MN Cup’s Student Division!  Discover the other Minnesota Cup Semifinalists by browsing our blog and site.

Runerra provides communities a new way to do commerce. By utilizing a unique peer to peer hyperlocal delivery approach, Runerra creates a better and more affordable option to store-to-home delivery for both our customers and merchants. With Runerra’s hyperlocal approach, customers get what they need faster than traditional last mile delivery services while merchants also get new access to friendlier logistics and powerful business analytics. Runerra helps communities run errands together one run at a time. Runerra launched a 3.5-week public beta starting in February 2018, where their application processed over 2400 transactions and $20,000 in transactional volume.