North America Green Pulp, Inc - Food, Ag & Bev Division Semifinalist

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Meet North America Green Pulp, Inc - one of the 10 Semifinalists in MN Cup’s Food, Ag & Bev Division!  Discover the other Minnesota Cup Semifinalists by browsing our blog and site.

North America Green Pulp started with the development of innovative and proprietary technology which significantly improves the chemical pulping process of wheat straw. After more than 10 years of research and development, NAGP was established to provide a 100% Made-in-the USA, sustainably sourced, and more responsibly produced natural fiber pulp for a growing base of environmentally-conscious consumers or industrial customers. NAGP owns a patent pending technology that converts the ag biomass, such as wheat straw, into pulp for paper products and carbon nutrient for soil nutrient improvement.

NAGP wheat straw pulp is:
Food-safe & compostable, no chemical bleaching
ZERO Carbon Footprint
ZERO trees harvested
Beautiful & natural “Wheat straw” golden color
Locally and sustainably sourced wheat-straw 100% from American farms
Nutrients go back to agricultural use

This technology is greatly beneficial for MN agriculture by utilizing the wasted biomass for commercial products and producing carbon nutrients for the soil. The total investment for a 50,000 MT plant only needs about $30 million to handle 120,000 MT wasted biomass, which is largely available in MN. The ROI is about 35%.