Minnesota Cup Company Feature: Trovita Health Science

Monday, March 31, 2014

Minnesota Cup is featuring companies planning to enter this year's competition from now until May 9th! This week's lucky winner is Trovita Health Science and their product, DrinkENU.


Who are you? Tell us about your company.
Trovita Health Science is an emerging specialty health and nutrition company that develops and commercializes innovative complete nutritional products to support the unique dietary needs of people with medically-related malnutrition, such as people with cancer, as well as elite athletes. We founded the company in 2011, and our mission is to change the paradigm of ready-to-drink nutrition by developing products that are optimized for people who need a healthier source of calories without added sugar and corn syrup. Our three co-founders were formerly commercial operations executives with Minnesota-based MGI Pharma, which was an oncology-focused biopharmaceutical company that was sold in 2007. Our management team includes a US Army veteran and a University of Minnesota graduate.


What is your product?
We recently launched ENU (Latin for "ideal"), with is a naturally enhanced ready-to-drink beverage that is calorically dense for people who need to receive maximum amounts of nutrition in lower volumes. ENU contains 90% more protein than marketing leading shakes, and as much as 55% less sugar - with no added sugar or corn syrup. ENU is made with non-GMO ingredients and provides up to 490 calories per serving, 25g protein, complex carbs from quinoa and brown rice, and a healthy fat blend containing coconut and sunflower oil. ENU contains 24 vitamins and minerals and no artificial ingredients. 

How did you come up with the idea for the product?
During our time at MGI Pharma, we became acutely aware of the challenges that face cancer patients on a daily basis. Excessive weight loss and lack of proper nutrition is a significant unmet need, and there is evidence that if a patient can maintain weight and lean body mass they have potentially better outcomes and survival. We decided to tackle the problem head on, and worked with a respected team of oncology physicians and dietitians to develop a new product that was specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of cancer patients. Our team's objective was to create the best tasting product available, while also providing an optimized macronutrient profile. We have had many patients using ENU already, and they are reporting more sustained energy. A stage IV colorectal cancer patient posted an unsolicited comment on our Facebook page that he used to have to take naps daily and since he started ENU he realized that he no longer needs his nap. We wanted to improve people's quality of life, and we believe that we will be able to accomplish that goal.

What excites you most about the Minnesota Cup?
Our team is excited to be a part of the Minnesota Cup this year since we intentionally located our business in Minnesota because of the long history of success the state can claim in the food and beverage industry. We feel that the Minnesota Cup is a great showcase for innovative ideas and products that fill unmet needs in the market. We hope that Trovita Health Science can uphold the great tradition that is starting to build with the competition. We are especially excited to see the other companies who are participating so we can appreciate the entrepreneurship that is driving economic development in Minnesota.

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