Local Food Entrepreneur: Christopher Dark, Belle-Amour Macaroons

Friday, January 30, 2015

Christopher Dark

Meet Christopher Dark, the owner of Beautiful Necessity and maker of Belle~Amour Macaroons. MN Cup will be featuring a series of local food entrepreneurs, asking them questions, and getting their insight on the Food Innovation Community in Minnesota. You can meet Christopher and Belle~Amour Macaroons at the EAT Event, on February 5. 

Tell us who you are – what do you do?
I am Christopher Dark, the owner of Beautiful Necessity and maker of Belle~Amour Macaroons.  We have created a dessert item that is organic and raw with the narrowest allergen profile of any similar cookie product on the market.

What has been the biggest hurdle you have had to overcome?
The biggest hurdle has been the learning curve from my profession in education to an entrepreneurial, small business owner. Having a background in teaching does not offer a great deal of crossover to business, and learning business planning, startup, production, licensing requirements, distribution, and future projections have proven a difficult task while simultaneously running the business.

What drew you to the EAT Event?
I believe the EAT event will connect me with other Minnesota food entrepreneurs and allow for an open exchange of ideas and suggestions to further our businesses.  I hope to offer as much insight for others as I might receive. 

Belle Amour

What do you hope to see for the MN Food/Ag/Bev community in the future?
I would love for the Minnesota food and agricultural community to work to elevate our profile in the local, state, and national food industry.  There are some incredible products produced in our state and with support these products can receive an elevated level of appreciation beyond their current status.

Give us your advice for aspiring food entrepreneurs… in 6 words or less.
Vision and work creates success.