BallSkate - General Division Semifinalist

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Meet BallSkate - one of the 10 Semifinalists in MN Cup’s General Division!  Discover the other Minnesota Cup Semifinalists by browsing our blog and site.

BallSkate introduces the first inline skates with a patented and new patent-pending braking system. BallSkate uses spherical balls and adds an internal braking system made up of mounted concave rollers. BallSkate's braking system allows for the natural movement of the user’s body when braking; the stopping technique is like that of an ice skating “hockey stop”. There are also 10 braking points per boot instead of one and BallSkate uses static friction instead of kinetic friction. BallSkate offers skaters safe and effective personal control over speed; making BallSkate the “Volvo” of inline skates.