Aelios Technology- Energy, Clean Tech & Water Division Semifinalist

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Meet Aelios Technology - one of the 10 Semifinalists in MN Cup’s Energy, Clean Tech & Water Division!  Discover the other Minnesota Cup Semifinalists by browsing our blog and site.

Healthcare facilities are forced to rely on limited power backup supplies, which get exhausted during long power outages. Aelios Technology's IPlugD enables healthcare facilities to mitigate life threatening risks during power outages by enhancing the duration of power backup supplies. IPlugDs have been tested at a DOE National Laboratory and deployed at a healthcare facility in India. A provisional US patent has been filed and six more facilities are in line for adoption. IPlugDs were born out of 3 years of lab research supported by ARPA-E.The team won the ACARA challenge and is a 2018 DOE Cleantech UP finalist. Check out their social media below!