2016 MN Cup Applicant: US Clean Energy Fund

Saturday, June 4, 2016

MN Cup is featuring select 2016 applicants who entered our social media contest. We asked each participating entrepreneur about their business and the inspiration behind their idea. Stay tuned for the announcement of those who advance onto the semifinalist round of the competition on June 6th.  

1. Tell us about your company - who you are, what you do.

I am Joe Strommen, a lifelong technologist that is passionate about fighting climate change. My background is in the software industry, where I've been an engineer for 12 years.

2. What inspired your idea or startup?

I wanted to get solar panels installed on my roof, but installers told me they wouldn't work due to tree shade. I discovered over 80% of Americans cannot install rooftop solar for various reasons, and I wanted to provide a way for them to make a comparable investment - financially and environmentally.

3. What excites you most about MN Cup?

The most exciting thing about MN Cup for me is the opportunity for support and mentorship from business and community leaders.