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Pricing for Profitable Decision-Making

Pricing is one of the most important levers in the business with a direct impact on the bottom line. Understanding the growing power of value-based pricing is critical to business success. This course will delve into the psychology of pricing strategies, while considering the perspective of your customer, competition, and company.

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This course section will be held live online.

About This Program

Pricing is becoming an increasingly important tool to businesses that have the insight and sophistication to leverage it correctly. As businesses are better able to segment the market, they're positioned to increase the sophistication of their pricing efforts and deliver the right price to the right customer.

While pricing has always been an important component of an organization's bottom line, there's new opportunity for pricing to deliver tremendous value. This course will arm participants with the tools they need to price for profitability and is designed for any professional who wants to have an impact on the bottom line.

This course helps participants understand value-based pricing and the role pricing plays in their organization's marketing strategy and beyond. Participants will adopt a holistic approach to pricing and discover the tools and skills to be able to make the right pricing decisions for the firm based on its goals.

This course is highly interactive and includes case studies, individual readings, and group discussions. Participants will explore conceptual frameworks and practical applications to analyze pricing from an economic and psychological perspective. Using a template for pricing decisions and practical guidance to formulate strategy, they’ll leave this class prepared to identify the most profitable pricing opportunities and determine pricing sensitivities.

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    • Vice presidents
    • Directors
    • Marketing, pricing, sales, or finance managers
    • Market researchers
    • Brand and business developers

    Key Benefits

    • Learn how to build strategic pricing capabilities within your company
    • Develop methods to identify the most profitable pricing opportunities
    • Examine current pricing practices with the direction of pricing experts
    • Effectively fight price wars
    A very good experience.  I felt the course was a high-quality experience.  Learning with professional peers from different industries gave lots of additional insight.  I love the idea that I come back to the “Carlson community” to further sharpen and hone my skills in pricing!
    – Marketing Manager, MLT Vacations (Delta Air Lines)

    Pricing for Profitable Decision-Making Overview

    Seth Werner discusses the evolution of pricing and how this course prepares business leaders to be more strategic with their approach. 


    Day 1
    Introduction to Value-Based Pricing
    Types of Value and Case Study Discussion
    The Role of Cost in Pricing Decisions
    Elasticity, Clout, and Vulnerability
    Day 2
    Collaborators and Shared Value
    Psychology and Pricing
    Day 3
    Price Wars
    Measuring Price Sensitivity
    Course Review Activities

    Additional Details


    Seth Werner
    Lecturer, Marketing Department

    Seth Werner is a Lecturer in the Marketing Department at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. For the past fifteen years he has been teaching primarily Marketing Management, Marketing Research and Pricing Strategy in the MBA program. In addition to his teaching on-campus he has designed and led programs to China, UAE, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil.

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