The mission of the Carlson Ventures Enterprise (CVE) is to provide students with a unique educational experience while supporting client sponsors with strategic advice. Through a combination of coursework and real-world experience, Ventures associates learn to:

  • Understand customer needs and compelling market factors
  • Collaborate creatively to develop and test innovative solutions
  • Present well thought out recommendations and next steps

Our goal is to provide skills necessary for a career in entrepreneurship, social enterprise, business development, venture capital, or corporate strategy.

Our students come from diverse career and educational backgrounds and share a tolerance for ambiguity and a passion for creative problem-solving.

Carlson Ventures Enterprise is the right choice for students interested in learning and practicing entrepreneurial frameworks, tools, and mindsets for application in a broad set of contexts.



My time at the CVE was transformational. Through the program, I was introduced to the principles of design thinking and entrepreneurship - principles we now use every day at MyRain to better understand and serve the needs of smallholding farmers of India."

- Steele Lorenz, CEO & Founder - MyRain